Are you planning your next vacation? Before you Google “cheap air flights,” you might want to consider another option: a Road trip.

Many folks are taking to the highways and byways as opposed to the airways for their next road trip.

Here are some of the many benefits of hitting the road that you might not have considered:

The Airport Factor

These days, there is a lot of potential stress associated with air travel. It starts when you have to carve out two hours of time to arrive before your flight. The primary cause for the crowds is the habit of airlines to overbook flights.

This means a long time to check your baggage. Let’s hope that baggage doesn’t get lost or broken into. Then you’ve got the long lines for the security screenings. All of that is just to get you to the terminal.

What happens if your flight is delayed? You could be leaving from a sunny destination but if there is a bad storm back east, then it can have a ripple effect across the entire country. Have you ever spent the night stranded in an airport?

It’s not anyone’s idea of fun. There is also the chance you might simply get bumped from your flight. You could also miss your flight altogether. All of this angst occurs before you even get on the plane.

The Cost Factor

Even with all the potential discounts, booking flights can become an extremely costly endeavor especially if you’re flying out a family. Although there are many contributing factors to why gas prices are so low, the fact remains that it’s really cheap to fill up your gas tank.

It might also stay that way for several months to come. Right out of the gate, you’re going to have more money to spend on your vacation.

For instance, according to, it would be cheaper to drive from Baltimore to Orlando for a family of four than it would be to drive. When you start adding up the numbers, the road trip begins to make sense.

The Flying Factor

Once you’re in your seat, you have a long list of other issues to contend with. That starts with those seats being extraordinarily small. If someone of “robust statue” sits next to you, then you’ll be even more cramped.

When you reach flying altitude, there is the risk of getting the seat in front of you crammed into your knees. Maybe you’ll be spared the knee banging but someone else might not take too kindly to the act. Now you could be on a flight that is delayed because of “air rage.”

Then there is the dreaded crying baby and the dismal snack options. No matter how much the airlines try to do to make your flight as comfortable as possible, it can still become an aggravating journey. Is that any way to start a relaxing vacation? What about the trip home when all your vacation buzz will be destroyed?

What about the road trip? Driving in your car. Comfy seats. Fellow passengers, you’ve picked. Plus, you’re on your own schedule. That alone could convince you to fill up and hit the road.

If you don’t want to tack on all those extra miles to your car, then you could find a great deal on a rental. There are also RV rentals to consider. That would be as close to traveling in your own home as possible!

The Adventure Factor

Obviously, it’s going to take a lot longer to drive to your destination than to fly (you hope!). However, that can be part of the appeal. Even though you might have an ideal final destination plotted out, the mini-adventures you can have on the road can also be a part of your vacation.

Think about all those great diners, drive-ins and dives you’ve seen on television. How many of those can you stop at during your road trip?

Once you hit the vacation spot, your family might scatter. At least during the road trip, you’ll all be together sharing the same experiences and creating wonderful memories. Safe travels!


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