The exciting part of moving is often redecorating. Here are some awesome pallet furniture ideas to help you do it without spending a fortune.

Putting your stamp on a new place is both therapeutic and it turns an apartment into a home — your home. Unfortunately, buying new furniture and pieces needed to transform the space into your own is not cheap! Luckily, there are some cool pallet furniture ideas to add a personal touch to your space with a smaller price tag.

There are two ways of adding pallet furniture to your place. If you are handy, the DIY route is usually less expensive (as long as you don’t make too many mistakes). If you are less skilled in the area of the building, you can purchase really great pallet pieces from a variety of places.

Here are some fun pallet furniture ideas to fit within your decorating budget.

1. Living Room

Decorating a living room costs $1410 on average. This includes purchasing a sofa, coffee table, area rug, window treatments, and a print. A simple way to save a buck here is to purchase a pallet style coffee table.

The average person would spend $400 on a new coffee table, but you can purchase pallet built tables for as low as $124! Search for a pallet style couch as well — fair warning, they tend to take more work and therefore cost a little more.

2. Bedroom

Pallet bed frames can cost as little as $200. Considering the average person spends $1200 on a bed frame, side tables, and a dresser, you would be making a sizable saving.

Also, many pallet bed frames can be built to include side tables right in the headboard. In the bedroom, this is the easiest way to save a bit of cash and end up with a stunning reclaimed look.

3. Kitchen/Dining Room

Your kitchen space is made more functional with more and more (and more) storage. Find fresh, simple pallet shelves perfect for housing your coffee mug collection, or even your pots and pans for as low as $20.

These will make your space look unique while adding the function you don’t always find in a smaller place. As well, you could purchase a pallet wine rack or hutch. Thinking outside the box is what will save your budget!

The big and expensive item in this area is your dining table, but huzzah — those can be pallet too! There are reclaimed table and benches, or singular table designs available for purchase online for $600-$800, which is a lot less than the average $1600 for a set. However, if you purchase a table alone, don’t forget the cost of the chairs.

4. Bathroom

People spend under $100 in their bathrooms on decorating. This is spread between storage and a shower curtain. Although using a pallet as a shower curtain would be a unique option, let’s focus on storage.

Handy small racks to hold your jar of cotton swabs, a cup for toothbrushes, and more bathroom essentials start around $40-50 and they are super modern-looking and oh-so-cute! Consider buying a second one for extra hand towels and face cloths.

Or add a pallet board upcycled box to the floor for your towels. It looks chic and costs approximately $85. Tiny storage bins for your extra toilet paper run as low as $25 as well. There are tons of cool pallet furniture ideas to add more function to this tiny space!

5. To Sum Up

The average person spends approximately $6000 on decorating their apartment. The infographic provided by gives further information:

spend on furniture infographic

6. Extras

We’ve covered the basic spaces in everyone’s apartment, but each person has unique needs too. If you have an outdoor space, finding pallet patio furniture may benefit you. Pallets can also frame your garden, or provide outdoor shelving options.

Do you work or study from home? Search for a reclaimed pallet desk. Chances are you can buy a larger desk with more storage for less if it’s pallet constructed. Space-saving flip-down pallet desks also add a cool functional vibe to a small place.

Pallet furniture ideas can be used virtually anywhere and in any form from TV stands to pot and pan racks to lighting fixtures and, of course, endless storage options. The key is finding what you like best to make your place truly your own.

If you want to save a little on your budget, and you’ve got the basic skills, attempt a pallet DIY project.

Not only will you end up with inexpensive furniture for your home, but you can choose how it’s finished and the exact style — you hold the creative power. In the end, you will appreciate it even more, too!



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