Do you think about vacation destinations and worry about your wallet? By now, almost each one of us is consumed by wanderlust.

How could it be anything different, when our Facebook news-feeds are full of the posts of friends traveling every other day?

Or when all our relatives are continually Instagramming their exotic journeys? A holiday trip is a must! But then what about those expensive flight tickets and your nagging work schedule?

Well, here are some perfect vacation destinations that can easily quench your thirst for the excursion without tearing your pockets apart.

1. Cambodia

Tourism is considered the most important economic sector for Cambodia. It has been a hub for tourists for the last few years and guesses what, this rising popularity has not laid any effect on its humble pricing.

With delicious and most affordable cuisine, this place is one of my favorite holiday destinations.

The tragic yet profound history and thence culture have given this Southeast Asian country the factor, what most travelers seek. This is one of those places that offer almost all sort of recreational activities.

The places you must visit while in Cambodia are Angkor Wat, Bamboo Island, Sihanoukville, and any of the three river villages.


2. Bali, Indonesia

Accept it, this one has been on your list to travel since ever. The name ‘Bali’ itself has become a synonym for relaxation. The beautiful island is full of landscapes.

You can find both historical monuments and dazzling natural seascapes. The temperature here is moderate around the year, making this place perfect for spontaneous holiday trips.

The rich culture of Bali too is eye-candy for travelers. Apart from all the acquiescences, the place is also counted among the major surfing destinations around the world. If surfing is too loud for you, the province also offers you a wide range of sea diving sites.


3. India

With snow-topped mountains to warm sea-beaches, India is a place that can also be called the tourists’ heaven. The rich heritage and diverse flora and fauna provide the reason for all sort of traveling excursions.

It is one of the few countries that offer varied landscapes like forests, jungles, river deltas, mountain ranges, deserts, coastal areas, etc.

And as if that was not enough, the nation presents the perfect harmony in modernization and culture. Though most tourists come to this country to understand its mingled traditions and spiritual aspects, the variety of recreational activities cannot be overlooked.

So if you’re looking for an extended stay without meddling with your budget, India is the destination for you.


4. Egypt

One of the top vacation destinations is Egypt. For most people, the name of the historical country brings vivid images of Pyramids, The Sphinx, rainforests in mind. Although the region is most popular for these landscapes, there is a lot more to the transcontinental nation.

Modern Egypt provides a great variety of recreational activities. The beaches and dessert are a must-watch for all the adventure enthusiasts. Nile-valley of Egypt offers its tourists the sceneries that cannot be found anywhere else on the earth.

Being a tourism hubspot, the place may seem a bit expensive to you, but a little bit of negotiation would present a completely different outlook.


5. Vietnam

Every traveler who has visited this beautiful nation would certify that Vietnam indeed is one of the most affordable travel destinations. Purchasing souvenirs could not get any cheaper. The place is also overflowing with varied natural landscapes.

The popular ‘Dark Cave’ (aka Hang Toi cave) is the most prominent tourist spot of Vietnam. The Dal Lai lake, Van Long Reserve, and Dong Van Karst Plateau are the other famous places of the country.

It is advisable to schedule the visit to Vietnam during the ninth month of the lunar calendar if you don’t want to miss the great Keo Pagoda festival.


6. Bulgaria

The diverse civilizations make this place most suitable for the tourists who have a passion for learning different cultures. The nation is suffused with numerous historical places. It also consists of several locations for nature-lovers.

The combination of bizarre natural formations, breathtaking waterfalls, vivid nature parks, snow-capped mountains, and serene beaches can only be found here. With so much to see, Bulgaria is not a place for a weekend excursion.

However, the place is best suited for that cherished long vacation we all wish to take at least once in our life. Shtastlivo puteshestvie!


7. Greece

The country of ancient Gods has always been a tourist HubSpot. One of the most famous vacation destinations. The cradle of western civilization has the longest history and thence has hundreds of archeological sites.

Greece, surrounded by huge water bodies has more than a thousand awe-inspiring islands. Though the place is mostly mountainous, the few fertile valleys that exist are startlingly beautiful. The famous Mount Olympus (the mythical abode of the Greek Gods) is the main tourist spot of the country.

Apart from the great mountain, other places to visit in Greece includes – Stavronikita monastery, Monuments of Athens, Santorini island, the city of Kastoria, Pisoderi ski resorts, the exceptional theater of Epidaurus, etc.


Packing your bag already?

If you have to propose other low-budget vacation destinations, write in the comments below!

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