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How to Deal with the Fear of Flying with These 5 Science-Backed Techniques

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Fear of flying affects an enormous number of people even though this means of transportation has been around for a while. Let’s learn how to cope with it. Traveling by plane can be terrifying, especially when you suffer from the fear of flying.  No one truly understands how a glorified tin can is able to rocket through the skies entirely safely so that we can get from A to B (although we assure you it is!). But, like it or not, flying is now a


The Real Reason Why People Are Choosing a Road Trip over Flying in 2016

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Are you planning your next vacation? Before you Google "cheap air flights," you might want to consider another option: a Road trip. Many folks are taking to the highways and byways as opposed to the airways for their next road trip. Here are some of the many benefits of hitting the road that you might not have considered: The Airport Factor These days, there is a lot of potential stress associated with air travel. It starts when you have to carve out two hours of