The media has changed the way we think, talk, eat, walk, dress or, simply put, the way we live.

This is not bound to change anytime soon particularly with other media avenues cropping up.

Change is inevitable but still, there are lots of garbage that we pick from these media platforms without even knowing. A good example is what is deemed attractive or unattractive.

You may be thinking that body looks are only a feminine issue but you thought wrong! Apparently, men have also been sucked up by the buzz around aesthetics.

A recent study has even shown that men have been having a totally wrong idea about what type of body features most women fancy. Now, I am sure you are eager to hear of the hypothesis, or rather illusions, that men have in the realm of what attracts a modern chick. Jacamo-a British Men’s wear label has done this for you!

They did a study and found that 62 percent of men think that women would love a blend of Justin Beiber’s hair, the arms of Hugh Jackman, the face of Gerad Butler, David Gandy’s torso and the legs of Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo (image on the left).

It seems like a perfect male body but, ironically as it may seem, women have a totally different taste to those hypothesized by men.

As the study revealed, women are actually not big fans of those men who do cover pics for brands as they actually like that neighborhood look.

Talk of a combination of Prince Harry’s hair, Ben Cohen’s torso, the arms of Paddy McGuinness, the face of James Corden, Jonathan Ross’ legs (image on the right) and you have a picture of what women are craving for!

Of course, it is difficult to deliver such stats with 100 percent precision, but 72 percent (of those who gave opinions) is a great sample to give a vivid picture of what women in the UK and the world think. Such a study could prove soothing for those men who have always thought that women want men with features as portrayed in the media.

This study has one lesson to offer to all of us – the idea of what is attractive is in the beholder’s eye and does not necessarily match with what the media markets as attractive.

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  1. Ulrich Berlin

    I think some women simply want a guy not to be too handsome an slim; because if he really is,, they will look fat and not so pretty 🙂

    1. Panagiotis K.

      You have a point Ulrich Berlin. 😉

  2. Lydia

    I’m a hetero Asian woman and I would absolutely pick the left one, no question. The only thing I would switch is the face, I do prefer James’ sweet face over Gerard’s too masculine face. Or, to make it more perfect, put young Tom Hiddleston’s sweet face.

  3. Capt Obvious

    I think Ulrich and Lydia both nailed it. Women with confidence (the hots ones we guys want) would pick the guy on the left. Girls with self esteem issues would pick the guy on the right. But…. Personality and confidence trump all. If the guy on the left was shy, and the guy on the right was confident and commanded attention, he would take all the ladies.

  4. John Dobson

    So what’s Bernie Ecclestone’s secret ladies? 89 years old and just become a dad. Wouldn’t be $$$$’s would it?

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