Do you want to live long? The Japanese know a lot about this subject. Many of them are centenarians and have practical answers to long living. Esteemed physician and longevity expert Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara shared some of them with the Japan Times. Note that he was 97 when he did so. He recently passed at the age of 105.

Studies like this echo that a person’s lifestyle decides how long he or she lives. Dr. Hinohara, who dedicated himself to social causes, gave his detailed view of life, health, and happiness.

What it takes to live long and well, according to Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara:

1. Practice healthy eating

First of all, Dr. Hinohara highlights that people who live long eat healthily. Observe people who eat well. None of them are overweight. Dr. Hihonara himself ate in measured amounts. He had orange juice with olive oil for breakfast because it was good for the arteries.

A study, as described by the Telegraph, proves that slim people live longer. Dr. Hinohara himself only had milk and cookies for lunch.

2. Everyday Exercise Opportunities

Then, look for everyday ways to work out. You don’t have to rush to get a gym membership. All you have to do is take the stairs instead of the lift. Make an effort to carry your groceries. Research proves that we don’t need excessive effort to live long. Participants in one study showed that stair climbing led to a younger brain.

3. Embrace your youth

Dr. Hinohara is confident that energy comes from feeling joyful and contented. To illustrate his point, he discusses young children who are free from many cares. Playing is enough to satisfy them. He points out that our happiness will increase if rules don’t bind us.

4. Stay Occupied

Also, you’ll live longer if you stay active. Dr. Hinohara believed in planning. He always had a full calendar and occupied himself with his hospital work.

Dr. Hinohara advises that people should retire later than 65 years. He points out that there are over 36,000 centenarians in his country and the number will grow. Working hard has allowed them to live long lives.

5. Contribute To Society

Furthermore, you will live longer if you contribute to society. If you do so, the route to your goals is always clear. Dr. Hinohara himself volunteered for many causes after he retired.

6. Share What You Know

Furthermore, knowledge means power. Its dynamism increases when we share it with one another. Dr. Hinohara gave about 150 lectures a year. He usually stood for about one and a half hours on his feet as he did so.

7. Every Discipline Has Value

Dr. Hinohara was a scientist but understood that science alone couldn’t help people. Diseases have links with emotions. He suggested that people need to tap on the visual arts to access them.

8. Follow Your Instincts

Dr. Hinohara also advises us to follow our instincts. We shouldn’t do anything because someone directs us. For example, we needn’t put ourselves through surgery just because a doctor suggests it. Music or pet therapy might work as well.

9. Forget Materialism

Moreover, Dr. Hinohara recommends that being materialistic isn’t wise because it causes undue stress. Besides, it’s not practical as you’ll never know when it’s your turn to move onto the next world.

10. Seek what inspires you

Another way to live long is to tap on our inspirations. Dr. Hinohara has a way to deal with the obstacles that leave us frazzled and shorten our lives. We should ask what people we admire would do if they were in our place.

11. Have Fun

Most of all, enjoy yourself. Dr. Hinohara gives an example of children who have stomach aches. They forget the pain as soon as they play. Joy, he suggests, is a fundamental human need.

Other Ways to Have a Good and Long Life

Of course, there are other ways to live long. Many centenarians are willing to share their longevity secrets when asked.

Not smoking is the first way to live well and healthily. Centenarian Adelina Dominguez, who lived till 114, never had a puff. Also, sleep well if you want to want a long life, says centenarian Susannah Mushatt Jones. She made sure she had her sleep and lived till 116.

George Boggess, who lived till 104, attributes his many years to walk. He tried never to sit strapped in a car. Misao Okawa of Japan lived to 117. Like Dr. Hinohara, she owes her longevity to a low-fat diet.

You too can live long like Dr. Hinohara and other centenarians, if you tap on their secrets.

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