As we all know only too well by now, living a healthy lifestyle is key to a life with minimal stress and maximum happiness.

So how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve a balance in your life? For some top tips about changes you can make to your daily routine and how you can get a better work-life balance in your life, read on and make this your best year yet.

Even small steps can have big effects

Anyone who has ever set out to make some big changes in their life knows how daunting it can be to start. When you commit yourself to a lot of promises and make high demands of yourself, it can not only be intimidating but somewhat stressful.

Consequently, the following tips are simply recommendations. You certainly don’t have to commit to each one if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Pick the options which seem right for you and put careful thought into how you might implement them into your daily life.

The worst thing that anyone can do is overburden themselves to the point they are disinclined to take any active steps forward at all. This should be fun and exciting, not a burden! With this in mind, here are some of our favorite ways to start getting a better balance in your day-to-day life.

1. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that brings your consciousness to focus upon what is happening in the present; a state of awareness about your thoughts and physical sensations. People have been practicing mindfulness for thousands of years in various ways across many different cultures.

The beauty of it lies in the fact that you don’t need anything to get started. Start out by simply allocating a few minutes a day to checking in with yourself and assessing where your headspace is. You will find that the longer you keep this up, the longer you will be able to stay within that space.

Various studies show that mindfulness helps reduce stress, improve concentration and strengthen interpersonal relationships. It is also one of the numerous solutions for living a healthy lifestyle.

2. Nourish yourself

Nobody wants to be lectured about their eating habits, so we aren’t going to start now. However, what we will advise is that your body runs on what you put into it. So it follows that living solely on fast food is not going to result in you feeling great.

Rather than getting hung up on calories or food trends, instead, make it your mission to make a certain number of home-cooked meals every week.

First of all, it helps you to get better and more inventive when it comes to following recipes. Secondly, it means you can take leftovers into work for lunch. Or you could simply put some into the freezer for a cheap and easy dinner another time.

3. De-clutter

Taking the time to cleanse your mind and body are excellent ways to get a fresh new sense of motivation. Take your mission a step further, however, and try cleaning out your space!

Decluttering our homes and day-to-day environments can be a hugely rewarding experience: not only will you find that there is all manner of items you had long forgotten you owned, but you can restore a sense of order.

Donate items you no longer need to charity and celebrate your new found space by reorganizing your furniture. With a fresh perspective, you will feel energized and calmer. Follow these tips to get your house in order, and try to apply the lesson to other spaces too, such as your desk at work and your car.

4. Buy Sustainably

Sustainability has become an oft-repeated word in recent years. Although mostly used to describe the origins of our food, it has also come to mean how we procure all manner of other items in our lives.

Bringing this approach into your everyday life will help you feel a more balanced and responsible human being. There are sustainable ways to buy clothes, furniture, and even luxury goods, you simply need to do some research first.

Assessing where materials come from and the labor required to assemble them are all at the heart of the sustainability mission. More and more companies are embracing this ethos and you can find literally anything from furniture to pre-loved models of watches.

5. Plan before you act

Although there is a lot to say for spontaneity, planning is one of the key ways to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain a balanced approach to life. Planning relates to all aspects of life: keeping a shopping list, creating a monthly budget, considering the holidays you would like to take and when.

More often than not, organizing activities in advance ensures you are able to get the most out of them. What’s more, reaching your goals becomes a lot more likely when you know the steps required to get there.

6. Get outside

Enjoying the great outdoors doesn’t mean committing to a 300-mile hike through the wilderness, it simply means taking the initiative to get outside for some fresh air for at least half an hour every day.

Come rain or shine, expanding your horizons beyond your front door and your work can have incredible benefits for both body and mind.

For anyone who generally likes to work out in a gym, why not mix things up a bit and take a run around a local park instead? Alternatively, take the train or bus out to a place you’ve never explored previously, and simply take a walk around.

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