For everyone residing on this magnificent planet, the sun gives us life. Sun gazing offers even more than that!

The sun is the source of life, for without it, we would not exist. I’m just stating the pure and simple truth of the matter. Before we discuss sun gazing, let’s take a look at what the sun already provides for our daily lives.

Photosynthesis comes from the sun, a process that nourishes plant life and keeps them alive. For animals, this plantlife is a huge source of their vitality as well. So, you see how the sun affects many things down the line, feeding plants to feed animals.

As for humans, the sun provides vitamin D, a needed additive to ward off depression and negative health issues. The warmth of the sun, of course, is an obvious reason why we adore this huge ball of fire so much.

The sun also provides energy for many electronics and automobiles. It also provides the main source of energy for some homes, with the use of solar panels.

There are so many things that thrive off the effects of the sun, and what this heavenly body offers us. But there’s a way to experience even more benefits from the sun too. It’s called sun gazing.

You can reap many outstanding benefits from the sun gazing, not only for physical health but mental health as well. This process can greatly enhance your spiritual life as well.

Here are a few examples of what sun gazing can do for you!

  • vision improvements
  • stress relief
  • clearing of internal issues
  • energy boosts
  • less need for food
  • potential for human success increased
  • improvements of the pineal gland
  • serotonin increases

Sun gazing means staring at the sun. Now, as you know, if you stare too long, it can cause damage to your eyesight. Sun gazing means short periods of gazing at the sun, and at safe hours during the day as well. The safe hours are one hour before sunset and one hour after sunrise. It is extremely important to remember these hours to eliminate the negative effects of overexposure.

To take full advantage of sun gazing, make sure you partake of this activity in bare feet while standing on the earth. Keeping the connection with nature helps increase the effects of sun gazing. But I will share more of that later!

History and the man who made sun gazing popular

HiraRatanManekFounder of the Solar Healing centers and website, Hira Ratan Manek is the man who made sun gazing cool. He also brought this activity to the western world.

Aside from water, this man thrives off the energy of the sun. Notice that I didn’t mention food? That’s right, only on occasions does Manek partake in coffee, buttermilk or tea when socializing.

HRM routinely fasts, while scientific and medical practitioners monitor his progress. He states that the sun powers him with physical, mental, spiritual and emotional strengths, improving many areas of his life by only taking in the natural rays of the sun.

Isn’t it amazing! I guess some of this information seems fictional, but the only way to find out is to partake in this activity yourself!


Medical expert on Ayurveda medicine, Dr. C.K. Ramachandran, studied HRM while he fasted for 211 days between 1995-1996. this was the first trial. After this fast, the second one commenced immediately and lasted for twice as long as the first. In case you’re wondering, yes, this is way over a year with no food consumption.

Twenty-one doctors and scientists were present during these observations and noted that everything we thought we knew about humans and their need for food, just wasn’t true.

These observations took place in India, then shortly after, the third study began in the United States. For 130 days, at the University of Thomas Jefferson, HRM repeated his fast for all to see.

Is HRM a genetic mutation? Some people seem to think so. His body is able to do things that most people find impossible.

I guess this could be true, but what if we all could do these same things. Think of the drastic reduction in food that would be needed to keep humans alive!

But more importantly than that, think of the spiritual enlightenment that can be attained by going without carnal nourishment. Fasting cleanses and brings energy to your body long after the fast is over.

The First Sun Gazing Research

Vinny Pinto, the scientist, conducted a survey on 56 subjects. His findings are thus:

  • Every participant reported improved health.
  • Women experience improvements in health.
  • Only one person reported that they needed more food after the study. Most participants reported either no change in the need for food or a decreased need for food.
  • More adverse side effects were reported by people who did not adhere for the specifics of the correct time of day to conduct sun gazing. Instead of gazing and hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise, they conducted this activity during midday, which was never suggested.
  • The most common reports revolved around happiness, peace, and a calm feeling.
  • Those who had gazed at least 4 times a week for less than a year, did report a decrease in the need for food.

Here’s how to sun gaze

There are many methods of sun gazing and this is just one of them. This method should be adjusted as needed according to the person who tries the activity. This particular method is the one that is practiced by HRM himself and as you know, he has had astounding success.

If you do need to adjust the method at all, please read and do your research as to not damage your eyesight during times of high UV radiation. Also, only stare at the sun for the time suggested and no longer.

Other than adjustments for how often your practice this or for what reason, the basic rules should remain the same.

The HRM method

  • First, to begin, spend about 10 seconds a day gazing into the sun at the specified hours (one hour before sunset or one hour after sunrise.)
  • To stay grounded and increase the benefits of sun gazing, partake of this activity with bare feet on the naked earth.
  • Imagine the sun’s energy rejuvenating your body with its light. Do this as you stare into this heavenly body.
  • The next session, try for 20 seconds. On each following day, increase the intervals by 10 seconds. By the time you have gazed for 10 days, you should be gazing for up to 1 hour and 40 seconds. Wow!
  • You must continue until you are able to conduct sun gazing for 44 minutes straight. This will probably take about 9 or 10 months to achieve. This will bring optimal benefits.
  • For 6 days following the completion of the 9-10 months of sun gazing, you will need to walk for 45 minutes.
  • After you complete this, just enjoy the sun gazing and walking on the bare earth to retain optimal health.

During this time, keep a journal to monitor your progress with the sun gazing. Take notes on your physical and mental well-being so you understand what changes are happening in the process.

Remember, the best part of this whole process is embarking upon the journey. You will experience some of the most amazing things when taking the time to do this every single day.

Remember vision health

Damage can be done to the eyes during sun gazing if you don’t stay true to the time specifications. When gazing at particular times as mentioned, there will be no UV radiation, which is what causes this damage.

Continue to research this method to understand the full effects of the sun on your vision as well as any other safety precautions. Otherwise, enjoy and good health to you all!


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