Have you ever felt like you’re unhappy and it’s not exactly your fault?

More often than not, somebody said something you don’t agree with or some little thing happen. You start sweating the small stuff. Then you become unhappy.

It’s because we think too much. We talk too much and we blow things out of proportion. We need to stop making a big deal out of things. The onus is on you. It’s time to take a breather, calm yourself and put things into perspective.

Here are 11 times you need to stop making a big deal about to be happy.

1. The time you spent some money

A lot of us make a big deal out of this. And it happens often because we have to pay bills. Relax. You aren’t going broke or becoming destitute. You have to spend to survive. The money will come back to you in due time anyway.

2. The time you made a mistake

Mistakes are like oxygen. Everybody makes them all the time. Nobody is perfect and when you put it like that, it’s not a big deal at all, right? Learn from your mistake. Grow from it and don’t do it again.

3. The time you did something embarrassing

Usually, it’s all in your head. You think you showed the “whole” world how you screwed up and “everybody” is laughing. Nah. Relax. You’re your worst heckler. Not many saw you at your lowest and not many are laughing.

4. The time you failed in your endeavor

And here you’re your worst critic. It’s only us that remembers all our faults and the losses we made, which are usually exaggerated. Failure is honestly your best friend. You’ll grow the fastest that way. So keep failing and pick yourself up.

5. The time your mom nagged at you

Your mom loves you. You know that right? I know. It’s annoying, but it happens. She doesn’t do it out of spite. Just listen, take what you need and be happy. Don’t go nuts about how you think you come from a problematic family or something.

6. The time your friend commented on something that annoyed you

Don’t take it personally! Talk to him or her and clear it out. Don’t let a simple misunderstanding escalate into something that could have been prevented in the first place.

7. The time you had a bad day

It was only one day. Are other days always better right?

8. The time you fought with your partner

Fights usually become fights after emotions get in the way and things keep escalating. Calm down and be in the right state of mind to solve the situation peacefully. Then move on. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Don’t bring it up again.

9. The time you wanted to publicly argue on social media

Nobody ever truly wins an argument online. It’s just stupid. If you ever feel upset over something you read online, let it be. Only little kids see the need to show that they’re the “loudest” on the internet.

10. The time you were shouted at

Nobody ever likes to be shouted at. You shouldn’t make a big deal about it because you don’t deserve it. The people who raise their voices are just plain angry folks who are making a big deal out of it all.

11. The times you thought things were not going well and you were going to lose it all

Well, you’re still here right? You didn’t die. And you didn’t lose it all. In fact, I’m willing to bet things turned out better than expected.


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