Vegetable & Fruit Smoothie Recipes to Stay Healthy in Summer

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These vegetable and fruit smoothie recipes will help you stop worrying about the common ailments of the summer. The summer holidays are almost here! There is no doubting that summer holidays are some of the best times of the year where you get to relax the body and mind, travel the world and see people and new places. During these times, ailments such as dehydration, hay fever, and sunburns may come knocking. Creams and prescription medicine might be used to combat these ailments but the

Sun Gazing: How to Tune into the Healing Power of the Sun

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For everyone residing on this magnificent planet, the sun gives us life. Sun gazing offers even more than that! The sun is the source of life, for without it, we would not exist. I'm just stating the pure and simple truth of the matter. Before we discuss sun gazing, let's take a look at what the sun already provides for our daily lives. Photosynthesis comes from the sun, a process that nourishes plant life and keeps them alive. For animals, this plantlife is a huge