It sometimes seems like we are destroying nature, and, to be honest, we are. We build sprawling cities and roads across the once pure face of planet earth. So, it seems there is nothing nature can do to stop us, right? Wrong.

In the Shengsi islands of China, nature may be making a comeback. On one of these islands, namely Shengshan Island, it seems that every single building, home, and the road is covered with luxurious green vines. It’s a ghost town.

Shengshan Island is located a few hours east of Hangzhou Bay, in the Zhejiang Province near Shanghai.

It’s a place where nature has taken up her sword and swiped a piece of land, clean from human existence. Well, almost, that is occasional and the curious might make a quick stop to see what life is like without human influence.

And the scenery is magnificent, owed by the fact that everything looks like the nature surrounding it. Green simply tumbles out onto the beaches and grasps at the rocks beyond.

Wonder what the island looks like from above.

Shanghai-based photographer, Qing Jian captured stunning images of Shengshan Island. When you first lookout at the forgotten city, it seems like green sludge has fallen from the skies and draped the dilapidated buildings and landscape.

Upon closer inspection, you can see the vines, in detail, climbing from piles of foliage up and into windows and through doors. As creepy as this may seem, it is beautiful as well.

Shengshan Abandoned Village

So, what happened here? Why did this once bustling village turn into an alone and deserted victim of nature?

The island of Shengshan was once a thriving fishing village. Apparently, it wasn’t economical to transport their catch from the seaside villages of the islands to the mainland of China. The fishermen took their business elsewhere.

Although this particular section of the Shengsi islands is deserted, some of the others are bursting with tourists and seafood lovers. Come visit the island of Shenshan just to witness the spectacle of nature reclaiming her roots.

Would you like to visit Shengshan? It might be the perfect opportunity to witness what might await our future.

Sometimes we think we’re destroying our planet, and then nature plays a winning hand. Interesting, isn’t it?

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