Have you ever heard about freezing lemons? Besides the amazing benefits of lemons, the flavor becomes amplified if the lemons have been frozen before using.

We are used to reading about health benefits and healing powers of lemons.

Every day we can find another great fact about lemons online. Sometimes there are recipes which include the juice, sometimes it is the zest, but sometimes the whole fruit needs to be used.

This powerful plant which originated in Asia has become an important part of natural medicine all around the world. Even the official medicine and doctors recommend it for different treatments. Lemon acid is known to have healing powers when used in correlation with other chemical compounds.

But what is it about this fruit that keeps surprising us over and over again?

1. Limonoids prevent cancer

A new scientific study has proven that limonoids, natural compounds present in fruits such as lemons, oranges, mandarins, grapefruit etc…, prevent and stop the strong development of cancer cells, especially breast cancer! This study conducted by the Institute of Health Sciences in Baltimore is bringing a totally new perspective to consuming lemons in regards to healing properties of food we consume daily.

The study is claiming that lemons are 10,000 times stronger than any chemotherapy. Other studies are showing that lemons are excellent for prevention of cancer and other kinds of malicious diseases.

Scientists are emphasizing the fact that every part of a lemon fruit can be used. You should not throw anything. The juice, the pulp, seeds and especially the peel. Lemon peel contains 5 to 10 times more vitamins than the juice or pulp of lemon!

2. Other powerful properties of lemons

In addition to anti-cancer effects, the whole lemon helps to liberate the body of toxins. It’s a known fact that lemon has antimicrobial property against bacterial infections and fungi. It is also effective against stubborn internal parasites. Another great fact about lemon is that it regulates blood pressure.

Many people do not know that lemons act as an anti-depressant. Reach for a nice glass of lemonade with honey when you are feeling a bit down and you will feel better in no time. Another great usage of lemon is for reduction of nervous disorders symptoms, anxiety and panic attacks.

3. Freezing lemons give a totally new flavor

Besides the obvious healing reasons, the new way to enjoy lemons will surprise you with taste and flavor. Especially the aroma becomes amplified if the lemons have been frozen before using.

It’s simple, take unsprayed lemon (try to find a store which is selling organic unsprayed lemons and fruits in general). Even if the lemon has not been sprayed, it is important to give it a good wash and place it in a freezer: You can freeze the slices, or you can simply freeze the whole lemon. The best results will give a totally frozen lemon, so you should consider to leave it overnight in order to make it easier to grate the lemon.

When the lemon is frozen, you will find it very easy to grade it. Now you can use it in different ways. One of the best ways is to use the frozen lemon as a spice for your salad. Maybe you can try it on an ice-cream or over a bowl of yogurt. You can make any fruit salad taste ten times better with a sprinkle of frozen lemon.

This lemon will also add a great aroma to soups and cooked meals. Any sauce or meat will taste better and be healthier and easier to digest with this ingredient. The famous lemon water will be even fresher, and the lemonade cooler.

What you will experience with the freezing lemons is a whole new flavor.

Your taste buds will feel the aromas and flavors of health and you will come up with many more ideas on how to improve your meals.

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