The thought of breast cancer is scary and troubles women worldwide. What may cause you to raise your eyebrows is that women in Asian countries such as China have lower incidences of the illness. Dietary preferences may explain this phenomenon.

What is breast cancer?

Simply put, mammary cancer happens when cells in the breast turn rogue. They grow fast, forming tumors which a doctor can usually detect via a mammogram or an X-Ray of the chest area. Though these tumors are more common in women, they may develop in men as well.

Malignant tumors that begin in the milk duct, or ductal carcinomas, are the most familiar type of breast cancer. Cancers arising in the lobules, or lobular carcinomas, happen less.

Breast cancer starts with thickened tissue in a woman’s breast. These cells form what most people call a “lump.” She may feel a sting in her armpits that has no links with her menstrual period. Her skin may redden, and a rash may develop around her nipples. A discharge may flow from one of them.

What raises the risk of breast cancer?

While experts cannot pinpoint the causes of breast cancer, they can identify what puts a woman at risk of developing it. Your tendency to contract it is high if you have the following attributes. Your propensity for breast cancer increases when you are older. Cancer develops in postmenopausal women rather than those who are younger.

80% of this type of cancer occurs in women over the age of 50

Genetics and family history may determine the likelihood of getting the Big C. If a close relative has it, the risk of you contracting it is high. That said, breast cancers are common, and a majority of them are not hereditary. The possibility of breast cancer may arise if you had benign breast lumps.

They include atypical ductal hyperplasia and lobular carcinoma. There is a likelihood of them metastasizing if they develop again. Further, women with high levels of estrogen are more likely than their peers to have breast tumors. If you had your periods earlier than other women your age, be alert to this.

How heavy you are may decide whether you get breast cancer or not. Obese menopausal women are more likely than their slimmer peers to develop growths in their mammary glands. They tend to produce higher levels of estrogen.

An interesting point to note is that taller women are more prone to breast cancer than shorter ones, though experts still need to establish the reason for this. Women who consume more alcohol have a higher risk than others of developing breast cancer.

If you want to kick cancer to the curb, take no more than one alcoholic beverage per day.

Breast cancer raises its ugly head because of increased levels of estrogen and progesterone in the female body.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) may contribute to the development of tumors. Women who need to replace estrogen in their bodies are more likely than others to contract the disease. Combined estrogen and progesterone therapy increase their risk.

Woman Breast Cancer

The Diet Factor: Why Chinese Women Are Less Likely to Develop This Type of Cancer

These risk factors aside, a woman’s diet may be one of the biggest reasons for getting breast cancer. Jane Plant, a renowned professor of geochemistry, received a breast cancer diagnosis from her gynecologist. She decided to put up a fight against the disease.

Her husband, who worked in China, found that breast cancer rates were much lower there than in Western countries. The Plants discovered that Chinese diets comprised only 14% of fat compared with Western diets, which contained 36% fat. Jane then realized that few Chinese ate dairy produce.

She started to follow a revolutionary diet plan that changed her fate for the best. She replaced high-fat dairy products with low-fat Cheese and skimmed milk.

The lump in her breast remained the same size after her first session of chemotherapy. She removed dairy from her diet, and it shrank after the second session. It vanished after her third chemo session, a phenomenon which astounded specialists at Charing Cross hospital.

Jane’s experience brings to mind that the dietary choices could be responsible for the onset of cancer. A low-fat diet does a lot to reduce the signs of the disease.

Say Goodbye to Breast Cancer with these ten low-fat foods

Plant’s theory may not be far off the mark. If you follow a low-fat diet as the Chinese do, you can keep the Big C at a distance. These non-fattening foods will be a great help.

1. Mushrooms

The Chinese add lots of mushrooms to their noodles and omelets. A study in the Chinese health journal PLos One revealed that a diet high in mushrooms offers protection from breast cancer. If you dislike Chicken Chow Mien, you can add them to stews, scrambled eggs or stir-fries.

2. Broccoli Sprouts

These vegetables are high in antioxidants. The Center for Cancer Research found that one of them, Sulforaphane, may target cancer growth. Have them in sandwiches and salads.

3. Pomegranates

These fruits are high in ellagic acid, an antioxidant that may slow cancer development. Scientists from the Beckman Research Institute discovered that it restrains the enzymes that may cause breast cancer.

4. Lentils

The American Journal Of Nutrition supports Jane Plant’s theory that dietary changes may help to stop breast cancer development. Researchers studied the Asian diet and found that legumes and soy contributed to lower rates of breast cancer.

If you do not like stir-fried legumes, try a lentil burger. You may substitute them with kale as well.

5. Walnuts

If you want to prevent breast cancer, go nuts. That is, have handfuls of walnuts. Scientists from the Marshall University School of Medicine in West Virginia discovered that the Omega acids, phytoestrogens, and antioxidants in them control cancerous enzymes.

Be creative and add walnuts to soups, muffins or even pizza.

6. Blueberries

The Chinese name for these delightful fruits is “Lan Mei”, and they explain why many of their women do not get breast cancer. Pterostilbene, a potent antioxidant in them, causes cancerous cells to self-destruct. This fascinating process is known as apoptosis. Enjoy blueberries with yogurt and cereals.

7. Spinach

Women who take in high amounts of folate have low breast cancer rates. Spinach has lots of this Vitamin-B compound. If you want to enjoy this low-fat food as the Chinese do, fry spinach leaves with prawns and a little soy sauce.

8. Eggs

Women prize eggs for their ability to control hair fall and various skin conditions. The Choline in them helps with these ailments, and breast cancer as well. A study found that it ensures the proper functioning of cells. The Chinese fry them with noodles and make slurp-worthy omelets with them.

9. Salmon

The Chinese enjoy raw fish dishes every lunar new year, and they could explain why breast cancer rates among them are not significant. Vitamin D in salmon prevents “good” cells from turning rogue. Omega-3 fat in this fish stops the spread of cancerous cells in the breast to other parts of the body.

10. Rye and Whole Grains

If the idea of raw salmon does not excite you, eat more grain instead. The American Institute for Cancer Research found that the lignans, fiber, phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins in them helped to stop cancer cells from spreading. Eat rye bread with eggs, tomato or sprouts.

Why do fewer Chinese women get this type of cancer? Low-fat diets are a simple answer to this question. Eat these foods and say goodbye to it for good.



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    Too much talk,repeatation ,long stories

  2. Jule Raupe

    Correlation is not always causation. It is very likely that its not the fat itself favoring cancer, but rather the hormonal activity within dairy products, disrupting the endocrine system. Endocrine disruption is a very popular cause of cancer and nothing new.

  3. Meli Caballero Vives

    There´s a French Doctor who specialices in clinical psycosomatic whose research concludes that cancers come from living in a very stresfull environment and they develop in a specific area related or conected to how that drama makes/made you feel. His name is Salomon Sellam, and it is very interesting. In his studies, breast cancer is linked to a drama in a womans maternity functions if is on one breast and a drama on her feminine functions if is on the other, all this depending on her laterality.

  4. Sandy Culbreth

    Because they have no boobs

  5. Alexandros Mavrommatis

    None of the references refer to correlation between dairy products consumption and tumor growth…this happens because none have been published! If you want to share scientific articles change the title to “dietary inclusions which reduce cancer risk under special circumstances” or else your article seems like a fairytale! Furthermore, when you propose spinach and other sources of vitamin e you should know that this supplementation increases the risk of lung cancer in regular smokers! � try again more carefully!

  6. Patrick Schuster-Wiley

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    2. Ella Andrews

      At least they are as much overweight and often aren’t “fat on the inside either”

    3. Cheekwong

      Thats right.The chinese women keep away dairy products. They drink green tea.They eat more vegetables than meat per meal.And consume lot of fiber products

  7. Nadir Munoz

    Dog meat diet n rice

    1. Jimi Rye

      And cat

    2. Cheekwong

      if you like to eat go ahead. What happens in your last stage that your going to die of starvation. Will you consume anything to live or not. Dont take it too harsh. Presently they dont eat dogs and cats, may be olden days.

  8. Bonnie Litke

    Cuz they eat real food duh. Lol

    1. Cheekwong

      The chinese women are more healthier. Go to china and see for youself ,about their figure nice and slim.They consume proper meals balancing the ying and yang.For example if you eat 2 steaks for a week which is 500 grams . But the chinese women consume 50 grams of meat bu adding more vegetables. This they have been practising for decades.They consider food as medicine.Here another example there are certain herbs added into soup stocks, those are medicine herbs.

  9. Jeannie Scott Hesse

    Read the article…or just joke about why we don’t get it…loll

    Less fat in the diet is number one…rarely any dairy is number two…more varied veges n fruits is number three.

    Not one person in my family has had breast cancer…but a few have in the German Irish family I married into has and they were farmers from Minnesota.

  10. Jackie Zhao-Jing Huang

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) does NOT acknowledge the existence of “breast cancer,” or the theory that reproductive organ should be doomed.

    1. KJ Jårstad

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    2. Stacey L McCarthy

      TCM just calls it something different. It doesn’t go unacknowledged or untreated. Additionally TCM is not traditional at all. The classical practitioners are traditional.

      1. Cheekwong

        The chinese practice tcm,its an ancient art for thousand of years. There are thousand of herbs and recipes which may be kept secretly. Their life styles are different to yours. Their immune system can be strong. For example why their is food allergies happening.Here I will give you a good idea. If you consume chips hamburgers and milk shake for a week.And if i consume rice congee and green tea for a week. There is a big different in diet.Likewise the TCM follows the elements and balance ying and yang.Here another good example for you to know what causes turbulance, its cold and warm air come together. Like wise when you eat hot food and drink ice cold drink, where as the chinese eat hot food and drink hot green tea to balance the ying and yang.

  11. Jake Anzaldua

    Read The China Study . Explains why. Western diet is the problem.

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    2. Cheekwong

      More fat,sugar and dairy products are consumed. Where as the chinese eat more vegetables than meat. Every meal will have more vegetables. And morning breakfast will be rice porridge or soup noodle. Where as in western diet Bacon, sausages and eggs.Just compare both.

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    Funny look how much food they send us, they must not eat the same foods

    1. Cheekwong

      choose the ingredients and cook your own meal , stay healthy.

  13. Robert Sothmann

    Sorry… the women in China have a host of other medical issues. I live here…trust me, there is plenty of cancer going around… just other parts of the body usually.

    1. Hagere Mesfin

      The also get breast cancer; one more reason to not trust the Internet.

    2. Jenne Alderton

      Lung cancer big in china. Everyone smokes and the pollution

      1. Cheekwong

        Because its highly industralised, cos their economic is quite good.

    3. Val Trischitta

      There was a case of an 8 year old girl with lung cancer in Beijing recently..

    4. Cheekwong

      China is a highly populated country. They are highly industrial for exports. Just imagine pollution in a industrial country, of course people can fall ill.

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    Go Vegan. Simples.

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    They’re eating fuckkng plastic rice over there. How does everyone NOT have breast cancer?

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      Mike Muse some place in china was putting out 90% plastic rice , and some of them eat a half a pound a day

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    I’m guessing countries where food and or water isn’t tampered with by the FDA and or manufacturers has a low cancer issues. But what do I know, I’m no one.

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    Shelby-Layne Tillotson

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  22. Marilyn Muhle

    According to the latest research, fats are great for our health…, just not saturated fats. Avocados, eggs, grass raised meat, limited whole milk, etc.,……I think so many low fat and fat free foods have additives that aren’t good. As for estrogen, I took it for 35 years, no problem. It has to be regulated and given by a Dr. who specializes in this type of treatment. Just my opinion…..And I agree with Robert about China….

    1. Carolin Hanisch

      eggs and limited whole milk? so many studies say how bad dairy products or those animal products are for us. Milk is not healthy in any way. never.

    2. Marilyn Muhle

      Carolin Hanisch Eggs are a “whole” food, and all the latest research will tell you, they are healthy. As for milk, I agree, but I didn’t put raw whole milk , should’ve. It isn’t available everywhere. i use organic butter and have for years. So many of our foods have harmful additives, hard to know what to ear…..

      1. Cheekwong

        Grow your own vegetables and fruits in your garden,and have your own farm

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    Because chinese girls have no breasts. hahaha

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      They know how to maintain their figure .Nice and slim keep away chronic diseases. Forget about large breast as long your happy and healthy

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      Life is short and death is close, its karma. High time to meditate and follow the path.Dont think about illness. If theirs a will theirs a way. Have patient.

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      You dont have to sell cancer . It may happen to anyone.A good friend of mine had cancer and passed away recently. Frankly to tell you he did not know anything about how he had cancer.So take neccessary precaution before its to late.

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    I thought it was deodorant Chinese women use no deodorant they don’t put metal under their armpits

    1. Cheekwong

      Unless they use traditional ancient method of deodorant made out of flowers and bees honey. Its an ancient art

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      Choose dairy or green tea. its your choice

  34. Cousin Spook Drd

    Cancer is an American company that hasn’t branched off in other country’s as prelevent as they’d like

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    all those foods are tainted in usa. so wouldnt do you any good.

    1. Cheekwong

      You cannot blame countries.Its your choice of food what you choose.

  36. Anders Teyung Nordmeyer

    Also there’s that chick who said Chinese eat plastic rice, what kind of cancer should she receive?

    1. Cheekwong

      Its hard to say. What about ready made convienient products you eat, or fruits and vegetables sprayed with chemicals, dont you eat almost everyday

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    cause they have really small tits lol

  39. Annie Roberts Heartsong

    I would say this is not quite right. Lower fat might be alright, might help, but avoiding SUGAR is huge when avoiding cancer.

    1. Stacey L McCarthy

      Sugar does not cause cancer.

    2. Annie Roberts Heartsong

      Stacey L McCarthy Eating a diet high in sugar makes one more prone to all inflammatory diseases.

    3. Rdmn Car

      Please cite a peer reviewed scientific article that demonstrates that reducing sugar in one’s diet will definitely result in cancer avoidance. I’d love to read it. I have a feeling that you won’t find one though. Know why? Because your statement is completely false for so many reasons.

    4. Annie Roberts Heartsong

      Rdmn Car I’m not going to cite anything. There is TONS of evidence that eating lots of sugar increases your risk for cancer and other inflammatory diseases. If you’re trying to defend sugar, you’re not going to go look at all that evidence though. And don’t put words in my mouth. I didn’t say that eating no sugar equals no cancer. Nothing is as cut and dried as that, my friend.

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    It’s genetics. Women and men in China have other types of cancer.

    1. Cheekwong

      Due to industrial pollution. But still they get away with it. Some do and some not. They practice herbal medicine , which is an ancient art of preventing.

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  50. Mary Nichelson

    80% of those that are diagnosed are over 50? I would have to challenge that statistic.

  51. MinChung Tsai

    I do not think so .
    Cuz in china there r plenty of people suffer from different types of poison conditions such as “air” “water” “environment hormone “and most r “poison foods “.
    And people got cancer every second including breast cancer.

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    Eat everything in moderation.

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      They have a breast , but they maintain there figure nice and slim. The elders looks much younger with the same size of the breast. They are not interested having inplant silicone breast and later on suffer with problems.

  60. Kacie Freitag

    A plant based diet helps fight all forms of cancer

    1. Cheekwong

      As long there are no chemicals involved in plant based.

  61. Jessica Rich-bowles

    Really!!! Replace high fat with low fat??? How is that a healthier option. We all know that low fat means highly processed!!!

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  63. Renn Davidson

    This is great but I’m guessing that all of the radioactivity that is now found in the pacific ocean and in all of the animals in that ocean isn’t that good for you. Most likely it will cause cancer. And I don’t see much in the Media about what the world is doing about fukushima!! I’m wondering if this event is going to be the downfall of the human race?

    1. Cheekwong

      keep your immune system strong. Consult a doctor if you have any issues

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    Stephanie Rodriguez I thought this was interesting.

    1. Cheekwong

      Yes practice what you learn. Try to learn some traditional chinese medicine also, nothing to loose.Here a good tip.I had urinetract issues with a burning sensation when urinating. I experimented several natural herbs to treat it. But it worked smoothly.So note down what ever you try any type of herbs. I mainly use tcm herbs and Ayurvedic medicinal herbs.

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