Are you feeling broken? They say that wounds heal with time. The wait, however, is agonizing.

If you were to dance the rumba in the middle of a crisis, people would give you annoyed stares. Feeling down when tragedy strikes is a typical and expected reaction.

That said, you cannot stay depressed; you must move on though you feel that life is weighing you down. What you need is advice to push you from your rut.

What happens to your body when you feel broken

If you think that feeling broken is childishness, think again. Experts will rush to correct you. The Sympathetic Nervous System or the Fight or Flight response starts because your heart stops. It releases a host of chemicals that freeze it, rendering it unable to pump. Death results in extreme cases.

Consequences of Brokenness

Most people would prefer spending the night in a hospital to feeling broken. The healing needed for an emotional fallout is as much as it is for an accident.

First of all, brokenness is like being punched in your gut. According to experts, your body tells you that they both cause pain. The part of your brain that reacts is the same area that responds when you suffer physical hurt.

Next, you experience unhealthy weight fluctuations. You become either overweight or super thin. Some people turn to food as a distraction, while others avoid eating altogether.

Brokenness triggers stress. Your brain releases cortisol, the stress hormone. You feel emotional pressure because it sends excess blood to your muscles.

Withdrawal symptoms set in because of depression. These signs are similar to the ones that a drug addict experiences when he finds himself without it. Experts suggest that depression activates the same areas of the brain that heroin withdrawal does.

Further, you will start questioning your identity. Depression makes you lose your self-confidence. You will have to decide your purpose in life moving forward. You need to realize that trails are constant and develop effective coping mechanisms because you feel broken more than once.

Finally, you may want time alone. However, that increases your cortisol levels. You need to raise your dopamine levels instead. To do so, get out and meet friends.

Signs of Feeling Broken

Overwhelming sadness, illnesses, stress, and poor work performance all point to brokenness. Understanding these symptoms will help you find the resources to find your footing and move forward.

1. Physical Pain

First of all, the flu, aching bones, digestive issues and a general feeling of illness are signs of depression. Feeling broken puts your body under stress. It produces stress hormones and a ‘flight or fight’ response. According to experts, high amounts of cortisol can damage the immune system over a period. Viruses and disease set in because of this hormone.

2. Decreased Immunity

You may feel real physical pain when you are feeling broken. Your emotional pain shows itself physically. You may feel more aches than you normally would because of the stress.

3. Anxiety

Feeling broken and worry are good bedfellows. There are no solutions in sight for your problems, so you feel as though you are at the end of your rope. You may experience an increased heart rate, shakiness, and breathlessness. Consider consulting a doctor if such feelings interfere with your daily life.

4. Sleeplessness

Are you unable to sleep? Your insomnia may be because you feel broken. Unstoppable thoughts, coupled with anxiety, can cause an inability to sleep. You may want to see a doctor if you have experienced sleeplessness over an extended period.

10 ways to get back on track when you feel broken

It is important not to let circumstances overwhelm you. Here is how you can bounce back after feeling broken.

1. Exercise

First of all, people take feeling depressed as an excuse to binge. Weight gain comes about because of comfort eating. Start your workout routine when you feel down, instead of gaining weight unnecessarily.

2. Change your environment

And then, if a place reminds you of awkward incidents, change your environment. Healing begins when you alter your surroundings.

3. Make positive changes

Next, make changes in your life. Therapy has some stigma attached to it, but it is a useful tool. A therapist can give you a fresh perspective on your situation. Visit him so that you can turn it into an opportunity for growth.

Change and pain need not go together. Live for the moment, and embrace your happiness. Make little adjustments to your life that will push you toward success.

Learning another language will shift your paradigms. Embrace a language that has different structures and underlying values than yours. It will open you to new possibilities; you will cheer up.

4. Widen your social circle

When you feel broken, you need people who can introduce positivism into your life. Stop mixing with toxic people so that you can heal. You need to rally around people who will help you move out of your rut.

5. Change your appearance

Furthermore, changing the way you look is essential for cultivating an upbeat attitude. But it may not mean what you think. Rather, it is a way to refresh your mind. You are altering your appearance so that you can gain a new perspective on life, not to look like others.

6. Get rid of what does not work

Life may not go the way you want it to because emotional baggage holds you back. Get rid of the elements in your life that may not work for you. Include toxic relationships and an unsuitable work environment.

7. Let it go

Moreover, people refuse to let go of past misgivings because they feel discontent. Stubbornly clinging to the painful incidents of the past is not helpful. Make up your mind to let go of past hurts so that you can move on with your life. Remember that you do so not for others, but for yourself.

8. Stay healthy

You need time to recover when you are out of sorts. Emotional illness is like the flu. A long vacation, engaging in new hobbies or widening your social circle will help to cure it. Remember to eat healthily as well. You are what you eat, so have a regular intake of fruits, dairy and vegetable products.

9. Organize your finances

Your problems build when your finances go awry. Control your spending so that you can control your life. Living within your means will free you of worries.

10. Value compliments.

Many people believe that it is boastful to accept a compliment. Everyone needs to hear words of respect from time to time. They will make you feel better in times of distress.

Depression is impermanent. With some effort and a few lifestyle changes, you can get over feeling broken.

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  2. Mildred

    I can’t cope with the pain of my break up. Can’t eat or sleep, I feel depressed. Can’t sleep without the sleeping pills or wine. And to make things worse I think I’m getting addicted to them. How can I make myself feel better and sleep better?

  3. Robert

    I think I’ve been broken for 25 years. Is that possible? Have I just become numb to my “brokenness”???

  4. Vic

    I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I’ve lost 25% of my body weight, my left side of the neck and the top of my chest have gone numb. I feel like I’m dying. I’m numb inside too. I feel like I could die of a broken heart. So I googled ‘feeling broken’ – I didn’t know it was a thing! So this is where I am. I’ve been planning to jump off the bridge near me. I just can’t see a way out of my misery. I want to be free of all this pain. And punishment from others who have been so cruel / my family the main persecutors. I just can’t seem to get the energy to get through this. But you’ve said exercise and changing my look. So I’m going to do those two things and see if I can avoid jumping i up the Thames! I am so alone. I wish I was a different person, that I didn’t always think people are looking at me and hating everything about me.

  5. Starr Bobbi

    I just want to feeel me again. I just want to move forward and no longer hurt and feel like I am never enough. I am tired of being the one who is being hurt. I need to figure a way to start feeling better… my anxiety is non stop and I don’t know what to do..

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