Everyone talks about connecting with their soul or their higher self, but what does this really feel like?

How do you know when you are connecting with your true essence on a deeper level? To discover your soul means to uncover your true inner being, understand your purpose and your passions and understand what makes you feel whole.

Once you are aligned with your soul, you are able to live a more conscious, mindful life that will help you transcend the ego and allow you to tune into your true life’s purpose.

“The soul is the truth of who we are,”– Marianne Williamson

3 Ways to Connect with Your Soul

1. The Things You Love

Spending time doing the things you truly love and that make you feel genuinely happy are great ways to look deep into your soul and discover what truly makes you happy. Without thinking too hard about it, make a list of absolutely everything that you love e.g. ‘family, Sunday mornings, cheeseburgers, etc…’ and try to write around 100 items on your list.

If you’re struggling, think of the small things that you may notice throughout the day that fill you with joy and add those. These are the things that feed your spirit, that uplift your soul and make life worth living. The more you give your soul the things it loves, the stronger it will become and in turn, the stronger your connection with it.

2. Be in Nature

Spending time with nature and being present to all of the beauty around you can instantly connect you with your soul. It can help you discover the essence of who you are and can help put your life into a clear perspective.

This is particularly helpful if you’re feeling stressed, worried or anxious as it can quiet your mind and being at peace within nature will center your soul. To help yourself connect and stay present, take notice of all of your senses.

What exactly are you seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing, even tasting? Notice everything from the subtle wet grass smell to the brightly colored flowers in the distance.

3. Soul Connection Meditation

Meditation can be one of the best ways to connect with your soul. Start by sitting in a comfortable position with your eyes closed, bringing awareness to your breathing and the way your body feels. Breathe in and out, focusing on sending the air into your stomach, rather than your chest.

Start to sense the sensations and stillness your body experiences and just go with it. Allow your thoughts to flow freely without engaging in them or fixating on any one particular thought path. If a thought enters your mind, imagine it is a leaf floating down a stream, peacefully passing.

Notice the space inside of you, use your breath to control how big or small this space is and be present in the nature of it. If it helps, imagine this space as a white light that fills you and the space around you.

Allow your body and mind to sink deeper into this space, whilst focusing on your breathing to guide you and keep you centered. Once you feel a connection to this space – which may take some practice – you may begin to feel tingles or a connection to something deeper.

This is your soul. At this stage, you can ask your soul for guidance, or to present itself more clearly to you through life. Each time you experience this, it may be different so stay open and try not to expect anything from your meditation.

Finish the session by gently bringing yourself into the awareness of your physical body and eventually, opening your eyes.

It can be difficult to get into this meditation, so practice it plenty of times and soon, it will come naturally to you.

Do you feel connected to your soul? Are you a meditator? Let us know in the comments.

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