The key to boosting your body confidence is in your mind. The following two truths will change your perspective on how you see your body.

In today’s world, it’s not easy to maintain body confidence. Nearly everywhere we look, we’re given reminders of how our bodies should look. I don’t know a single person in the world who can look at a picture of themselves or their reflection in the mirror with love and adoration for their bodies.

As soon as we see ourselves, we can see a million things wrong with us. “My hair is too curly,” “I’m too fat/thin,” “I don’t like my face shape,” and so on.

Like so many other things in our lives, the key to boosting our body confidence is our mind. So here are two truths to put into your head that will boost your body confidence.

1. Your body is beautiful just because it is

Martine Leavitt talks about this perfectly in her book Calvin when one of her characters describes the beauty of Lake Erie in the middle of Winter:

Doesn’t it make you feel kind of awesome that the world is beautiful for no other apparent reason than that it is? Like beauty has its own secret reason. It doesn’t need human eyes to notice. It just wants to be glorious and unbelievable.

We all appreciate the beauty of a sunset or a beautiful scenic landscape.

Regardless of whether we notice it, the world around us is beautiful. It always has been, and it always will be. The earth doesn’t need our stamp of approval to be considered beautiful, it just is. Well, so are our bodies! Our bodies were beautifully created, just the same.

If no one notices, our bodies are still beautiful! We don’t need human eyes to notice. We are just glorious and unbelievable. No one ever takes the time to compare the differences are between one sunset and another.

We don’t comment on how a sunset would be much better if it had a little more pink in the corners like the one the day before. And just because one sunset is beautiful, it doesn’t mean another one isn’t. This is another important thing to remember when thinking about our bodies.

We shouldn’t compare them to someone else’s. They’re all beautiful, and they don’t need to be exactly the same! Our beauty is completely independent of anything!

Here are a few tips to apply this: When taking the time to admire the beauty of the earth or nature, use that time to admire how beautiful you are, too. “Wow, this sunset is so beautiful…and so am I.

2. What your body can do is more important than what it looks like

My ten-year-old sister once posted something incredibly insightful on Instagram that shook me. She said, “I opened two presents this morning and they were my eyes.” Focusing so much on the way our bodies look instead of the incredible things they’re capable of does them a HUGE injustice! They are worth so much more than that! Our bodies can move, express emotions, process information, and create. They were made for more than just looking at.

Here are some ways that you can apply this truth to you. When you’re in one of those down times where all you can think about is how ugly your body is, talk back to those thoughts by focusing on what your body can do. For example, I’m particularly insecure about my legs. To me, my legs are too fat and too short.

So to talk back to these thoughts, I’ll tell myself, “Maybe they are fat and short, but these legs carried me everywhere I needed to go today.” This will help you develop a whole new appreciation for your body!

I’ve found this truth helps me with my fitness goals as well. When I set goals like, “I wanna have slimmer legs,” or “I wanna lose ten pounds,’ I notice my motivation doesn’t last as long, and I’m easily discouraged when I don’t notice the results. However, when I focus my fitness goals on what my body can do, my motivation lasts much longer.

This year I set a goal to learn to do a pull-up without any assistance (I’m still working on this one!). Some other goals can be trying to run a mile without stopping, being able to do a certain hike or lifting a certain weight. Setting and reaching these types of goals to have a major boost in your body confidence and leave you feeling strong and powerful!

The journey to becoming body confident is a long one, but it is well worth it!

Learning to love our bodies can be incredibly rewarding. Though there will be plenty of reminders around us of what our bodies should be, understanding these two truths will help keep our love for ourselves and our bodies strong. Don’t let anyone trick you into thinking your worth is less than it is. Focus on what your body can do, and always remember its innate worth.

What are some important truths that help you maintain body confidence? What are some tips or lifestyle changes that have helped you the most in your self-love journey? Let me know in the comments below!



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