It seems like finding your passion is hopeless. Something is ruining your realization of goals and dreams. Help! What’s the problem?

Are you realizing the impossibility of finding your passion? Is it true that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t see the results of your hard work?

If this is you, then take heart. You are not the only one who feels this way or recognizes these downfalls. However, there is a bit of good news, a little silver lining on that dark cloud, you might say.

The answers to finding your passion are within

The thing is, what you think is stopping you from finding your passion is not what you think. The world is not against you and throwing wrenches in your program. The truth is, the reason you cannot find passion lies within. YOU are what’s stopping you, rather your words are the obstacles!

What you choose to believe is what will frame what happens to you. Your words have so much power! So, with that being said, you should be able to understand the implications with both negative and positive thoughts.

So, what are 8 dangerous thoughts that seem to be holding you back? What about these?

1. “I don’t know what to do”

Okay, so you might not know what to do in any given situation, but doing nothing is worse. Just because you’re not familiar with the actions you need to take, doesn’t mean that doing nothing is the answer. Read the sentence again.

When a situation arises, ask yourself, “Am I inspired or drawn to do something?” If you feel like you should be doing something, then try. What’s holding you back is a false feeling that you have nothing to contribute.

For instance, when you are interested in a job, doing nothing because you don’t know how to start will only leave you in the same place before the urge came along. Your thoughts hold you back from so many things that could lift you up and push you forward.

The best thing to do is stop listening so much to the voices and start taking small steps.

2. “I am interested in too many things”

Have you ever heard of the title, “Jack of all trades”? What this means is that some people are gifted at a multitude of trades or talents. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, most of us experience an outpouring of ideas on a daily basis.

If you start to see this as a negative thing, you might not choose anything for a long time, and end up dwelling in indecision. It is possible to partake of more than one talent at a time. If you love music, art, and cooking, divide your time and enjoy all of them.

If you feel drawn to all these things, then it’s best to enjoy them as much as possible. No one is forcing you to pick just one, and the idea of this is just ludicrous. Maybe, on a later date, you might have to give something up, but as long as you can find the time, exploring your talent is the best route to take in order to stay passionate about life.

3. “I wish I was good enough”

The thought of not being good enough will always keep you from finding your passion. The truth is, there will always be someone who’s better or worse than you. This is not why you should do these things.

The reason why you should follow your passions is simply that you want to do these things, whether you are good at it or not. If your heart is calling you to become a musician, then keep playing

Here’s another reason to ignore those thoughts of not being good enough: If you don’t start doing what you love, you will never get better at it. It’s just that simple.

4. “I care about what people think”

To some degree, we should care about what people think. But when it comes to our passions, we should cut this thought process out right there. What makes other people happy has nothing to do with you.

In order to continue finding your passion, you have to ignore the nagging persistence of worry and avoid the passions or assumptions of others. Here’s a secret: People will respect you more if you learn to love yourself and follow your own desired path.

The thing is, they may not like the path you take, but they will respect you for being brave enough to do something grand. They will admire you and it will be an inspiration to them.

Our circumstances are not what’s supposed to govern whether we’re happy or not, but our thoughts that decide. With the right mindset, you can do almost anything! Now you should care about what people think to a certain extent, but not so much that it keeps you from finding your passion!

5. “Am I chasing the wrong dream?”

What if you wake up one morning and realize that you’re not really that passionate about what you’re doing? For a while, you thought you were chasing the right dream, but suddenly, you realize you were so off base.

So what!

Sometimes doing the wrong thing will help guide you toward what you should have been doing all along. By now, you should be understanding all the assumptions that you have used to stall the realization of your goals.

You may now be realizing how much of life you just cannot control. Things will flow in the way they were meant to flow in order to get you to where you need to be. They will bestow upon you a certain amount of wisdom, and wisdom is what you need to continue finding your passion.

6. “Have I done these things for nothing?”

Despair is a common negative thought. So many people have assumed that they’ve wasted time in their lives. Keep in mind, nothing is wasted if you have learned a lesson throughout the process. If you want to be truly happy, sometimes you have to endure doing the wrong to be able to recognize what’s right.

You truly waste more time listening to your own criticisms. So go ahead, make mistakes, there is a purpose for everything you go through. Learn to be okay with your failures and what you previously thought was wasted time.

7. “Finding my passion is supposed to be easy”

Wrong! You are not entitled to whatever you want. You have to work and sometimes work hard to reach goals and live dreams. As you grow, you will change and so the path to finding your passions will change as well. Sometimes, it will get easier and sometimes it will get much harder!

Sometimes in life, there will be pain. This is to be expected. But the problem here is not the pain or struggle itself. It’s the way you look at the problem and the words and thoughts that take you through the problem. You can make it edurable or you can make the problem worse. It really is up to you.

Wisdom should always guide you through every struggle that comes your way. If you take one step at a time, before you know it, your problem will be resolved. There may be scars, there may be changes, but you will survive and come out much better by knowing that nothing is always easy.

8. “There’s not enough time”

It doesn’t require 100% focus to find your passion. Yes, you should put in work and you should put in the time, but the idea that you should devote all your time to your passion and neglect other duties is also a bad mindset. It does not take a miracle to realize your goals.

Here’s how to find your passion

Everyone knows or is in the process of learning about their passion in life. This is not the problem. The confusion lies within how they perceive their passions and the strict limits they put upon what they believe in. We make things so much harder for ourselves than they need to be.

You know something, we are much harder on ourselves than life itself. As we struggle to iron out all the wrinkles in our dreams, our dreams tend to fade away. We try too hard and so we stall the wonderful blessings that are trying to come into our lives.

Take a look at the way you’re thinking and recognize the things that could be holding you back. Let go of trying to control the world and its circumstances and practice a little self-control with your thoughts.

See things as they really are and then act upon that and not your assumptions. Before you know it, you will have the life that you’ve always dreamed about.


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