Bad decisions can teach us many important life lessons if we are open to learning from them.

People make hundreds of small decisions on a daily basis without even noticing it. It seems like we have to make some kind of choice each time we take even the smallest step, so we get used to it. But it’s somehow different when it comes to big decisions.

Important changes in our lives often make us scared and too cautious. Such changes force us to overanalyze and doubt the logic that we believe is correct.

This eventually leads to wrong or bad decisions, ones that we usually regret and remember for a long time.

But it actually shouldn’t be that way. Mistakes make us stronger, wiser, and more experienced. They help us to develop our personalities. Bad decisions are part of the lifelong learning process.

4 things you should know about making a bad decision

Yes, it always feels heartbreaking when you make mistakes, especially big ones. However, there are a few important lessons that you need to learn about making bad decisions.

1. A bad decision is better than indecision

Every now and then you’ll face the situation in which you have to choose between a few life-changing solutions. Rest assured that sometimes you are going to choose the wrong one. But it doesn’t mean that you were foolish, or stupid, or negligent.

It’s exactly what makes these decisions so big – there is no easy solution no matter how thoroughly you analyze. In this case, you can find comfort knowing that you did your best.

It is better to make a wrong decision than to leave things like they were in the first place. Indecisiveness produces underachievers. People who are always afraid of making a choice can’t get anything done and they lose credibility with their friends and even family members.

On the other hand, everyone will respect you when you step up and say: “You know what? I am going to do this my way!” It proves that you are a reliable person, willing to take responsibility for your actions. Therefore, keep in mind that the wrong decision is better than indecision.

2. You learn by making mistakes

You probably remember your victories well, don’t you? But guess what – people remember their greatest defeats even better! Just think about it for a second and you’ll see that it is true. It’s pretty much the reason why you learn best through mistakes that you make.

They hurt so much and you don’t want to repeat them ever again. Bad decisions are the best life coaches. Do you remember a basketball player called Michael Jordan? Of course, I’m joking, you must know His Airness.

Here’s what he said about this topic:

I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

If one of the greatest athletes who ever walked the Earth stated that mistakes made him so good, it must tell you a lot about the importance of decision-making experiences. Nobody is perfect. But you should utilize the experience that comes from bad decisions to improve yourself and become a better person.

3. It’s not fun to do everything right

You can also look at the bright side of the story. Life shouldn’t be boring and full of restrictions. If you don’t make bad decisions sometimes, you tie your own hands and chase away the fun from your life. When you were a little kid you really weren’t aware of any rules or regulations but you probably had the time of your life back then.

It’s because you were free to make a choice. Sometimes it was good and sometimes not so much but you enjoyed it nevertheless. People keep saying that you should keep the child within you alive. However, it doesn’t mean much if you are going to be afraid of making mistakes all the time.

Bad decisions are not truly bad every time. Sometimes they are just unusual, extravagant, showy, or ludicrous. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, so don’t be afraid of making mistakes from time to time. Have a little fun occasionally and live your life in full.

4. There is not “bad” decision

There are no bad decisions at all. No matter how hard you try to analyze or put things into perspective, there are always more than enough elusive moments to make your choice too difficult. In such circumstances, no one can say that you made the wrong decision.

The only thing possible in this case is to admit that you had a tough choice ahead of you and that you did your best to make the right decision. So give it a rest and move on. Furthermore, each step you take and all the mistakes that you make in life contribute to who you actually are.

It’s all part of growing up and developing your personality. And so-called bad decisions throughout life probably encouraged you to find alternative solutions and think of new ways to deal with problems. That’s why you shouldn’t consider them wrong at all. They made you and shaped your identity.


If you are afraid of making decisions or tend to avoid them you just avoid life. Mistakes are natural and they teach you things that you could never learn otherwise. So don’t be afraid of it. That way, you will not get all that you could and you’ll be deprived of things that could even make you happy in life.

That’s a natural fear of big decisions and changes. But life is sometimes full of risk and don’t fear to deal with it. You will gain experience with each mistake that you make and it will make you smarter. And eventually, you’ll even become too smart to make any.

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