Although there are many more serious dental issues, yellow teeth can cause dents to your self-confidence and affect you on many psychological levels.

Obviously, the aesthetic effects are plain to see, but, it can make you feel less positive about yourself. What actually causes yellow teeth in the first place then? In the following post, we will highlight some of the most common and ways to avoid them.

1. Your Age

The sad thing about aging is that eventually, due to wear and tear, your teeth will change color. The enamel of your teeth starts to break down from years of exposure to acids in the food and drink you consume and from chewing. As the enamel thins out, your teeth start to turn yellow.

2. You Have Poor Oral Hygiene

If you do not follow the good practice of brushing, flossing and even rinsing your teeth with a mouthwash, you are not removing the plaque and resulting tartar from your mouth. This, in turn, speeds up the process of the enamel breaking down and your teeth changing color.

3. You Are Genetically Predisposed To Yellowing Teeth

Often, it is down to genetics as a reason yellow teeth. Do your parents have naturally yellow teeth, that isn’t caused by one of the other things listed on this page? This could be the reason why yours are yellow and it may even be a very similar tone to theirs too.

4. The Food And Drink You Consume

As is the case with many dental issues, the root cause of yellowing teeth is often the food and drink you consume on a regular basis. For instance, tomatoes, berries, and spices used in curries all consist of pigments that stick to the enamel of teeth and can cause staining on the surface.

Tea and coffee are two of the most common beverages responsible for yellow teeth, though even if you don’t drink those there are still others that could discolor your teeth. Such as white and red wine, sports drinks, and anything with artificial flavoring and colorings.

5. You Smoke

This is perhaps the least surprising entry on our list. It has been known for a very long time that along with a terribly strong addiction that poses a number of risks to your health, smoking nicotine can stain your teeth with an unattractive brown-yellow color.

Some Tips For Avoiding These Causes Of Yellow Teeth

Now that you understand some of the main causes for your yellow teeth, you can identify which are most likely affecting you through a process of elimination. What can you do with that information though and how can you reverse the effects?

With regards to your diet and lifestyle, it is recommended that you either stop drinking and eating things that stain your teeth or at least cut down a little on it. If you can’t do either, it may be time to ramp up your oral hygiene, so that you are brushing and flossing and keeping them generally clean more often throughout the course of a day.

Some people, for instance, tend to brush after every meal or if they drink one of the beverages noted above. Where and when possible, at least. Giving up smoking is also something you should give real consideration to, because not only could it prevent your teeth from yellowing more, but it could improve your overall health.

If your teeth are stained beyond reversal, there are plenty of treatments and kits available that can help to restore them to their former shining glory. When in doubt about what you should or shouldn’t do, you should always seek out the expert and qualified opinion of a dental professional – such as a dental hygienist or dental practitioner.

They may even be able to suggest whether veneers or a whitening treatment is the right course of action, based on the extent of your teeth’s discoloration.


Wanting to have clean looking, bright and shining white gnashers is not vain. We all want to look our best, deep down, and want to be able to smile with confidence. So, if you are worried about your yellow teeth, do something about it today and don’t be shy, as it is a more common issue than you may have thought.

By sticking to a more thorough and regular oral health routine involving brushing, flossing and mouthwash rinsing. By avoiding or cutting down on some of the less helpful beverages, foods and vices in your day to day lifestyle and receiving the right sort of treatment from a professional you will be able to smile with pride each and every day.



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