Unconditional love is one of the most amazing things to experience, providing loyalty, kindness, and affection, and it seems to be the thing that everyone is looking for, no matter who they are.

Unconditional love differs from other forms of love for a number of reasons. It can come from a parent, a friend or a lover, and allows us to be exactly who we are and feel that we are totally accepted by another person. Everybody wants to be loved and loved unconditionally, but how do we know if what we’re experiencing is unconditional or if there are hidden terms and conditions?

If you’re unsure whether your love is unconditional, there are a few key things you should look out for, because if you have unconditional love, it’s one you should hold dear and cherish as much as you can.

1. Love is freely given

If you are loved unconditionally, you should feel as though love is given all the time, no matter what. You shouldn’t feel like you have to work for it, or you will be denied it if you do something wrong and if you do, you may need to re-evaluate the relationship.

True unconditional love is given no matter what you do and those who love you unconditionally will not change how much they love you, or their appreciation of you even in the most challenging times.

2. Feeling Free

When you are loved unconditionally, there is an aspect of freedom that comes with it. This is not to say that your romantic love allows you to do as you please, but there comes a feeling of freedom with someone accepting you totally, knowing precisely who you are.

It allows you to be yourself and strive for the things you want in life. Unconditional love gives us the confidence to progress in work and studies, as well as in our personal lives, as we know we will be loved in spite of our failures and celebrated for our successes.

3. Open Communication

Although open communication is difficult to maintain in any relationship, it is a lot easier with someone who loves you unconditionally. There is a higher level of trust and security that allows you to say how you feel and be more open and honest with your emotions without judgment or fear, and this helps to strengthen the relationship for the future.

All relationships fall on hard times, but open communication is one of the best ways to enhance the relationship against further troubles. Whether it be within a family, a relationship, or even a friendship, communication is always vital.

4. Expressions of Love

It’s easy to say that when you are loved, you will know you are loved, but when you are unconditionally loved, you will be shown you are loved frequently and fervently. Expressions of affection, hugs, kisses and everything in between are freely shared between those who love each other and even more so when that love is unconditional.

In any loving relationship, you should always feel you are loved and be shown as often as possible. It’s important to reciprocate this affection, as it helps to deepen and strengthen relationships to be visually and physically affectionate with those important to you.

5. Comfortability

Above all, when you are unconditionally loved, you should feel at your most comfortable when you are with that person. When you are truly yourself with someone and don’t feel judged or uncomfortable, this is when you know that you are loved unconditionally. This is an important point to get to, but it can be a difficult one.

Many of us are anxious about showing our true selves and keep things hidden as a form of self-preservation. This makes it all the more important to cherish those who love you unconditionally and accept you as your true self, as they can be rare to find and these relationships deserve the work you put into them.

Unconditional love is sometimes only given to a child or parent, as the bond between family members is incredibly strong, but it is possible to find this love outside the realms of familiarity. It is this which makes it difficult to know whether or not someone is capable of loving you unconditionally and what the signs are when they do.

Finding someone to love you unconditionally, and to love in return, can be difficult and we often risk heartbreak, but it is the love worth the most work. We hope that this article has given you some useful pointers to find for the love you are searching for and that you, too, will be loved unconditionally.

Love is defined as a profoundly tender and passionate affection for another person, and if this love has no limits, it’s the most incredible love you can find.


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