Strong feelings and love between a man and woman aren’t always the same. There are several different types of attraction.

I’ve only recently learned that there are several types of attraction between and man and woman. I always just thought you met, fell in love and then you either had your happy ending or you didn’t. If you didn’t, well, that usually ended in divorce.

Types of attraction

Apparently, there are several types of intense attractions which could all be forms of love, and I find it interesting. Since so many of us are looking for someone to spend our lives with, this can make it a bit more interesting, but it can also make it more complicated as well. The simple reason is, not all attraction leads to romantic or intimate love.

What are these different types of attraction?

1. Friendship attraction

Now, I guess this may sound a bit weird, but you can be attracted to someone of the opposite sex but in a friendly way. In my opinion, however, I ‘ve always believed that it was only a matter of time before the friendship turned into something else.

But until it does or doesn’t, a friendship attraction can be a powerful thing. Considering it doesn’t cross the line into intimacy or marriage, this type of attraction can be a totally honest and open union between a man and a woman. If it becomes more than friendship, it will definitely have a firm foundation to start.

2. Attraction to the soul

There’s another interesting type of male/female attraction called the spiritual connection. This type of attraction includes a solid match of two souls. These two may not be physically attracted to each other at all, they may not have anything in common, and they may not even understand the bond they have.

Either way, spiritual attraction can usually be identified by a man and woman having the same standards, morals, and beliefs which make them a bit more than best friends, but not always intimate or anything of the sort. However, in this situation, you can feel safe and able to utilize forgiveness easily as well.

3. Romantic attraction

This type of attraction is familiar to most people. Romantic love can either bloom easily or it can come from thinking of someone as a friend for so long, and then eventually realizing they are the one for you. You may not have even had any sort of friendship attraction at all, but you just realize they’re who you’re meant to be with.

It’s strange, but it turns into an extremely romantic union and leads to intimacy and sometimes marriage.

4. Intimacy or sexual attraction

This type of feeling is strong, even intense. It’s what they usually call the lustful part of the average relationships. During this union, sometimes just this phase, everything the other person does is just perfect. You never want to stop looking at them, hearing their voices or smelling their intoxicating scent.

In this sort of attraction, you don’t always engage in sexual activity, but you do dream about doing so. It can be a realized crush, it can be love from afar, or it can actually be the beginning of an intense love affair that either turns into real love or crashes horribly.

Sorry, but I’ve been in these before, and they are way too intense to actually be healthy for you…sorry.

5. The attraction of two minds

There may never be a single thought of intimacy or love between a man and a woman who have a mental attraction. The thing is, you may just love to talk about the same books, the same movies, and even have the same political views.

Either way, it’s as if your brain is half of his and vice versa. When there’s an attraction of the mind, it can be powerful, but it can also be awkward at times. If you happen to cross a line into something else, it might not always be a mutual advancement.

It could be that one of you wants to become more and the other just wants to remain friends. So, you have to be careful with this one. Hey, I think it works just the same with the platonic friendship attraction that I mentioned above.

6. The love/hate attraction

It is entirely possible to have a love/hate relationship. Here’s the intriguing part of this already interesting union. The love/hate relationship can start off as a normal relationship that develops severe problems but retains mutual attraction, or it can develop from two people who never really liked each other before.

Whichever way it starts, the love/hate relationship can be an intense attraction as well. One minute you’re ready to strangle each other and the next minute…well, you know. I know, I am familiar with this relationship, and it does exist. The attraction is so intense it feels like it could fuel a jet plane.

Understanding the types

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what sort of attraction you’re feeling for your mate, friend or crush. That’s just it, you have to figure out exactly where you stand. Relationships and marriages fail every day, and some friendships fall apart as well.

That’s why it’s so important to know what you and your partner feel and if there’s anything more to your relationship than you know.

Perhaps you were meant to only be friends or perhaps you were meant to live the rest of your lives together. This is just something you will have to acknowledge out by examining your attraction level.

Good luck!



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