Apparently, we only experience three types of love, but each one has a profound impact.

There is an old saying that we each experience three types of love in our lives. In essence, we only fall in love three times. Each love affects us differently and teaches us about ourselves and how to love. They serve different purposes and are equally as important as each other.

They help us grow as a person and learn how to have positive and meaningful relationships.

This article will explore the three different types of love, what they teach us, and why they are important experiences which profoundly shape us.

The First Love

The first love is the love we experience when we are very young. Usually our first crush or our first real relationship, these loves are very intense and romantic.

It is with this person that we experience the first intense loving emotions and sexual urges, forming very strong bonds. We base our experiences on mainstream television and film because this is all we have to go on.

We expect this love to be all-consuming and never-ending, although this is almost never the reality. This leaves us disappointed and perhaps sometimes angry.

The first of the three types of love is important because it teaches us that love is not what we see on TV. It is the love that brings us the first experience of heartbreak and how to pick up once a relationship ends.

Due to the fact we try to emulate what we see in the media, this love also teaches us it is more important to be who we are. We find that we may have been pretending to be someone we’re not, and we learn how to be who we are.

The Hard Love

Just reading ‘the hard love’, you know exactly who I’m talking about. Hard love is the one that hurts. It’s the one that pushes your limits and brings you to breaking point.

The hard love brings tears, self-sacrifice, and almost unbearable amounts of pain. It is the love you know, deep down, isn’t meant to be, no matter how hard you wish things were different.

We learn a lot from our first loves, and we expect the second to be different, but we still have a lot to learn. Hard love is the one that teaches us that love is not incredible highs with sinking lows.

The hard love can be difficult for a number of reasons, whether there is emotional manipulation, cheating, or physical abuse, there is always a drama.

It is this of the three types of love that teaches us real love should be easy, that it is more important than a relationship flows than to force one to work.

Hard love takes some recovery time. It teaches us that we are important and that sacrificing ourselves for a relationship will never make it work. It is this kind of love which makes it okay to be alone and teaches us to value the people around us who helped us through it.

The ‘I Didn’t See That Coming’ Love

The ‘I didn’t see that coming’ love is the final love you’ll experience. The final of the three types of love almost always takes us by surprise. We may still feel ourselves healing from hard love and not ready to fall in love again.

Naturally, we will be more protective of our emotions in the aftermath of hard love, and this is why we are surprised when we fall in love again.

This love will break down all of the preconceived ideas and fears you have about relationships. It will tear down the walls built by hard love and show you that real love does exist. Everything will feel natural and easy, you will feel completely accepted, and it will probably completely petrify you.

It may not be what you pictured love to be like, in fact, it probably won’t be. It may be someone you didn’t expect, but in time you’ll come to realize it couldn’t possibly be anyone else.

The ‘I didn’t see that coming’ love is the one that just feels right because it is. However, we can’t reach it without the first two. When we fall into the right kind of love, it helps us gain perspective on what we learned from previous loves to get to the right one.

As we go through life, we may fall in and out of love more than three times.

Each of these relationships will teach us something different. However, the three types of love are the three main loves which teach us the most. They are the loves that change us as a person and show us what love is really like.

The lessons we learn in these relationships are difficult ones, but they get us where we need to be to find the right person. When we find the right love, we will be grateful for the hardships we faced in previous relationships. It is those experiences which shaped us into someone ready to fall into real and momentous love.

The one is out there, and they’re getting to you as fast as they can.

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