It’s never easy, but there are ways to heal a broken heart. It takes time, patience and a few other insightful solutions.

Nothing hurts quite like a broken heart. In fact, some say the pain is equivalent to grieving after the death of a loved one. Learning to get over it seems like the hardest task on the planet.

You must find a way to remove this searing pain from your heart and your mind, and then learn to carry on living in a different manner than before. Can you see why this would be difficult? If you’ve ever experienced this pain, then you already understand how it affects things.

It’s possible to heal a broken heart

Although heartbreak is horrible, it can be healed with proper action. Finding ways to heal your broken heart can be possible with the right mindset, support, and tools. Here are several ways to embark upon the healing process and get on with your life.

After all, it is your life and it can be filled with many promising events in the future.

So, let’s set the healing in motion, shall we?


Nothing halts healing like denial. Many people, who suffer heartbreak, fall victim to obsessive behavior which makes them ignore the acceptance of what has happened. The first step to really being able to conquer the pain is to accept the pain.

You must accept that the relationship is over in order to remember who you were before the relationship. If you can accept things as they are, then you can grow stronger in the process.


Now comes an important element in healing that so many people forget. Just as you become one in a relationship, you also lose a certain part of your individuality. This is why it is so important to always retain parts of yourself and never let them become so totally dissolved in your partner.

If and when the relationship ends, and if you have retained who you are, you can rebuild upon those delicate parts of yourself. As you rediscover what you like and who you are, you can grow stronger in the fact that life will go on without that person you thought you couldn’t live without. Wow, what a revelation, huh?

Cut the cord

Now, this is probably going to be an unpopular suggestion, but it does work. When you have ended a relationship, it is usually best to cut all ties if possible. Where divorce is concerned, and if you have children together, you cannot entirely do this, but there are ways around this as well.

The reason is simple. Every time you see your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, memories will be stirred up once more and it will be harder to let go. It might not be necessary to stay away forever, but it is important to set boundaries in the beginning of the breakup. Trust me, this works.

Make changes

On the outside and the inside, make changes that will help you transition from being a couple to single again. If there are things that remind you of your ex-lover, then maybe you should stop being around these things, whether it’s a restaurant, a mutual friend, or an event.

Maybe you need separation from what you’re used to, and maybe a change of scenery is best. Stop listening to the songs that you heard and loved together and stop torturing yourself with the same movies you watched before the breakup.

Change your habits and change your mindset, and then maybe you can move on.

Fake it

If you’re finding it hard to have positive feelings, then try faking it for a while. Studies show that forcing a smile does release feel-good chemicals into your body. Also, forcing interest in activities and pastimes will eventually make you feel a little better and distract you from the pain for a while.

Maybe you can even get a different perspective on the situation. While faking the feel good, try listening to some of your favorite music, tunes you loved before you ever met this “love and loss of your life.

This music will help you remember how happy you were in times before and give you hope that you can be happy once more.


Not only is exercise physically healthy, but it is also good for your mind. Going for walks, dancing to your favorite music or simply doing yoga will help promote positive vibes and nice chemical changes in your body.

Exercise will motivate you as well, giving you time to think of other things you can be doing. Hey, I’m just being honest, and who doesn’t need to take care of themselves and live a healthy lifestyle.

It’s just a win/win situation and you will be glad you got moving later on when you have improved your physique and reconnected with who you are!

The support system

While I don’t advocate telling the world your problems, I do believe there are those few others who can be good support systems in your heartbreak. If you don’t know what to do to heal your broken heart, your best friend or your mother may be able to give you sound advice.

Remember, don’t go blabbing your heartbreak to just anyone because most people just love to gossip. But the right heart will be able to help you make it through the pain and give you a reason to keep going. Choose your company wisely.

A few more tips for the road

Listen, I know heartbreak is no joke. I have endured some of the most horrible breakups you could imagine. I remember going through one particular breakup that made me want to sleep the entire winter season.

But with close friends and the will to live life to the fullest, you will have the strength to heal. Yes, it is possible to get over someone and be just as happy as you were before. Time will prove this to be true.



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