1. His Erogenous Spots

The male body, like that a female, contains many turn on spots or passion spots. Touching and teasing a man in these areas can’t help but to turn on all of his senses and to make him feel very good. There are places on a man’s body that contain super sensitive nerve endings that stimulate him immediately.

Below are a few trigger points on his body that will send him into an orgasmic frenzy, bringing you on the ride with him.

2. His Nipples

Nipples are a woman’s erotic touch zone, but did you know, that many men enjoy attention to their nipples. Granted, they may not have received much attention to their nipples, but once they are introduced to finger and mouth touching, it will become an erogenous area for them.

To surprise your man and to introduce an erotic sensation, suck on an ice cube, then put your cold mouth and tongue on his nipples, then watch him wriggle with delight. Nipples contain many sensitive nerve endings that are easily stimulated with the right areola technique.

3. Outside of His Lower Lip

The little indented curve between your man’s outer, lower lip and chin, is a man’s erotic kissing area. The indented curve is filled with sensitive nerve receptors. Grab his chin and suck on his lower lip, while using the tip of your tongue to stroke his lip up and down.

This is an erogenous play for men, especially when you are teasing him. Keep his lower lip inside yours to make the action more intense and his penile area more erect.

4. Give Him the Shaft

Have your partner lie down on his back, then sit between his legs, facing him. Use your thumb and index finger of both hands and place them around his manhood. Place your encircled fingers on top of the other in the middle of his shaft. Slide your finger formation up and down in a rhythmic motion.

This should send him into nirvana. This little twist is different than the common one-handed technique. Tease him by going swiftly one minute, then slow down to keep him from having the big ‘O’ before you want him to. To keep this movement for him, nice and smooth, keep your fingers and hands lubricated.

5. The Front of His Neck

Every woman knows how to nibble on her man’s neck, on the sides, between his ear and his collar, but there is another neck area that your man will thoroughly enjoy. It is the “butterfly gland,” which is located just beneath his Adam’s apple. This neck area, for men, is similar to caressing his penile area with your mouth.

The butterfly gland is actually a thyroid area that contains nerve endings. If you brush your lips against the hollow of this throat, then your tongue straight up until you are licking his Adam’s apple, he will ask you not to stop. Tease him by kissing and licking this area, pausing and massaging the area in wide circular motions with your mouth and tongue. This is a part of a man’s body that is very sensitive, but can be overlooked.

6. His Perineum

The male perineum is a specific part of the pelvic floor and is located between the anus and genitals. It has a roof formed by the pelvic diaphragm and the fascia floor and skin. The perineum contains the muscles and neuro vasculature that is linked to the urogenital structures and the anus.

This area is an orgasmic and erotic zone for men. A few strokes here and you will have your man begging to go higher with you. The technique is to place your hands between his legs, up behind his testicles. Use your knuckles gently to press into the smooth fleshy area and knead him at the same time.

7. His “F” Spot

The “F” spot is the frenulum, which is the loose flesh beneath the crown of the manhood, where the head connects to the shaft. The frenulum is a bunch of sensitive to the touch nerves that help stimulate men to orgasms. To set him off, try a gentle frenulum maneuver by holding his manhood with one hand, then use your tongue to circle slowly around the manhood crown.

Each time you reach his “F” spot, take your tongue and flick it all around, while using your hand, going up and down his shaft. Be careful because you will release a tsunami of groans, unlike you have never heard before.

8. Testicle Seam

The testicle seam is that wrinkly crease that separates the boys. The testicle seam has multiple, rich nerve endings that run from the top to the bottom along his scrotum. Women may seem reluctant to touch this area, but your man, when you touch and caress it, very gently, will love it. Because this area is extremely sensitive, show your man that you can be trusted to handle his jewels safely for him to beg for more.

The Conclusion

Of course, there are other areas that are not that well known, such as using your fingertips to trace small circles in the center of his palm, then widening out to the edge of his hand. Also, with his shirt off, knead the area where his butt meets his spine, pushing firmly into this area with each stroke. Enjoy your experiences together with these sex tips for every spot on a man’s body.

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