Aside from obvious differences, there are strange variations between a man and a woman that you may not have noticed before.

A man and a woman are different. These things range from biological differences to emotional ones, and they are quite odd.

In fact, I bet you’ve heard that expression, Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, right? Why sure you have.

Well, I guess this little saying seems silly, but contrary to what you may think about it, there is truth found within this popular slogan. Women and men are different, and in ways, you never thought before.

Male vs Female

According to science, there are 6,500 genes in the human body that differ between male and female, no kidding. Biologically speaking these differences govern things like diseases, hair growth, and even sexual function. But these genes control other things as well and could be one of the factors responsible for the other odd differences between a man and a woman.

Here are several ways that men and women are vastly different creatures.

1. Perception

A man and a woman see things differently, not just symbolically, but physically. A man has a much better spatial sense and can see moving objects much better than a woman can. Likewise, women have a better peripheral vision and can see a larger range of color variations.

Besides genetics, there is another reason this could be true. In the distant past, men were better hunters while women were better gatherers when it came to survival tactics. Now, apply those strengths and weaknesses in perception to this fact.

Women, being able to see a wider range of color provided them a leg up in foraging for berries – a darker red berry could be poisonous, while a lighter red could be considered safe for eating. On the other hand, the male’s ability to see moving objects well gave him an advantage in hunting fast prey.

This opens up a whole new set of questions for modern times. How are we using these strengths and weakness now, if not in hunting and gathering situations?

2. Viral infections

I am unsure why this is true, but men do suffer from what they call “man flu”. Have you ever noticed how long it takes a man to get over the flu, as opposed to the recovery time for women? Well, it actually doesn’t mean that men are acting like big babies. They really have a harder time getting over viral infections.

Although there is little conclusive evidence of why this happens, studies conducted on rats have shown that the bodies of males and females react differently to viruses. Men experience worse fevers and even more inflammation due to the illness. But this could be more positive than negative if you think about it.

As you may not know, sickness is not really the presence of the virus in the body. Sickness is the indicator that the immune system is responding in defense, which means men have a quicker and stronger immune response. So when they’re whining, let’s give them a break.

3. Sleep

Women need approximately 20 more minutes of sleep per cycle. The basic reason for this difference is because women are more adept at multitasking and this activity drains more energy than working on single projects. Actually, the entire thought process of the female is more energetic which demands an extra bit of rest at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, it’s harder for women to get rest. If she lives with a man, his heavier weight makes it harder for her to rest at night due to imbalances when sleeping in close proximity. This is one reason for the modern development of specialized mattresses which adjust to one side of the bed or the other.

It’s an interesting fact none-the-less, and worth looking into in order to improve sleeping patterns and habits.

4. Cold feet and hands

Have you ever wondered why your wife or girlfriend’s feet are so cold when they get into bed? How about her hands, do you cringe when she wraps those icy cold digits around your bicep? Well, there’s a reason why women have cold feet and hands. It’s all because of our blood flow.

There is much more blood located in the center and pelvic regions of the woman’s body. This is because, due to child-bearing, the midsection of the female’s body requires more warmth. For the male, blood is spread more evenly throughout the body.

Thus, his hands and feet are generally much warmer. So be kind, she cannot help having those cold extremities. Solution: Use your warm hands to keep her warm too.

5. Heart attack symptoms

I included this because it is extremely important to know. My aunt died from a heart attack and if I had recognized these symptoms, I could have saved her. A man and a woman have completely different symptoms when they are about to experience cardiac arrest.

A man has classic symptoms: Upper body pain which radiates down the right arm, shortness of breath, cold sweats, irregular heartbeat, and tightness in the chest. For a female, however, she will experience these symptoms: Indigestion, anxiety, light-headedness, and fatigue that lasts for days.

Pay close attention to these signs in order to save yourself or someone you love. Noticing our differences is vital to our well-being.

6. Infidelity

I have heard about this one many years ago. Now I know, it’s true. A man and a woman think differently about infidelity. Now, I don’t mean that one cares more or less. What I mean is they view the act in different ways according to what bothers them the most.

Men see the physical affair as much worse than emotional infidelity, while the woman considers emotional infidelity as much worse than the physical act. This can be directly attributed to how each gender views attraction.

Men are more tuned to visual stimulus during intimacy, while women are attracted to the ambiance and other emotional senses. Taking this into consideration, each gender fears what a third party could supply the needs of their loved one.

7. Substances

Here’s an interesting fact! The effects of alcohol on men and women are different and change with age. Younger men and older women can handle more alcohol than older men and younger women. This means, it takes younger men longer to get inebriated, while younger women are easily intoxicated and vice versa.

The reason for this relates to an alcohol enzyme called dehydrogenase, which is stronger in young men and older women. So, to put this to work in real life, younger women with older men would both need designated drivers.

8. Aggression

Have you ever wondered why a man and a woman fight differently? Well, you’re about to find out. Men are more physically aggressive, while women are more verbally aggressive and the reason lies within the brain, hmm, imagine that.

A man’s pathways of aggression are directly linked to physical responses while the female’s aggression pathways are connected to the verbal response. This is why you notice more boys fighting with fists on the playground and more girls using gossip.

Now I’m not saying that girls don’t physically fight, but for the most part, it is less common than with men, or at least this is how the brain was wired in the past.

The physical urge to fight is also subdued a bit in females to ensure that they did not harm their own children. This is also just a generalization considering the news has shown us that women DO sometimes harm their own children, but this is not the norm.

The right Amygdala, responsible for physical action, is more pronounced in the male, while the left Amygdala, responsible for a mental action, is more pronounced in the female.

There is a reason for these differences, whether we know them or not.

A man and a woman complement each other. There are reasons for differences, either due to ancient survival techniques or our genetics. Whatever the case, we can learn so much from our variances and use these things to help each other instead of waging war.

There are many other differences between men and women. If you’re wondering why your mate acts a certain way, it might not be just because he’s rude or uncaring. These little irritations could actually be due to his gender. Now that changes the whole perspective now, doesn’t it!



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  1. Columbus

    You see Radhika how we actually saw things differently

  2. Mike K.

    It is this type of science that I find interesting from a political standpoint. While liberals accuse conservatives of being anti-science because they ignore climate science. This sort of science sort of puts the lie to the standard SJW line that the only differences between men and women is socially constructed.

    I find it interesting that the left can be just as anti-science when it proves something that they don’t want to believe.

    There are definite physical differences between men and women that is simply part of who they are, and not a socially taught behavior.

  3. Karlos

    What about Men who act or behave like Women see Gays, Queers?
    Or Women who act or behave like Men?

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