According to British-German scientific research, negative thoughts are able to suspend the effectiveness of even the most powerful analgesics, as they don’t expect to reduce pain.

In contrast, there was twice the physical or biochemical efficacy for medications combined with positive thoughts on the part of patients.

In addition, psychology studies have shown that people are born with an appeal either towards negative or positive thinking.

This contributes to the social environment and the conditions in which we live. Therefore, It’s important to understand the significance of a positive or negative attitude toward things that we have in our lives. Do we see the glass half-full or half-empty?

Can we turn pessimism into optimism? The answer is, of course, is yes.

Let’s just take a look at some habits of optimistic people:

  • they have a positive attitude towards life
  • they face obstacles, frustrations, and failures with the hope that everything can be corrected for the better optimistic
  • people feel gratitude.
  • they smile often.
  • they’re trying to make those around them happy.
  • they have better social relations.
  • they stay informed and read about topics that inspire them and make them feel better.
  • optimistic people do exercise and watch their diet.
  • they socialize with happy and positive people.
  • optimistic people make more positive thoughts.
  • they realize the “good” things in their lives and make dreams.

One may reasonably wonder whether people with a greater tendency toward negativity change everything in a heartbeat. The answer, this time, is no. The main precondition is the will to change their perception about life.

There should be a regular practice for some time to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, so they will approach stressful situations they face in their daily lives.

To become better understood, the process could be likened to a diet. It requires willingness, a nutrition program, systematic exercise, perseverance, and patience. Similarly, works and psychologically, to achieve an approach and understanding which will contain more optimism to achieve harmony and balance in their lives.

Below I will mention some negative thoughts that plague all people and how they can be replaced with positive thoughts that will bring about change and thus achieve optimism, hope, and confidence.

For example:

  • instead of saying “it’s complicated“, they can think “let’s see it from a different perspective,” or in other words using the motto of psychology «think out of the box» · to think unconventionally.
  • rather than worry that something “will not succeed” they can say “let’s try it, and you never know.“
  • instead of saying “I have no time” they may think that “I need to rethink my priorities.”
  • they can replace the expression “I can’t do it” with the phrase “I will ask for help.”
  • finally, rather than worrying because “I get nervous and I can’t do anything,” they can form the reasoning “I will defeat my anxiety.”

As Aeschylus said:

“It is pleasing to prolong the life of a man with beautiful hopes that with joy and optimism are filling the soul.”

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