Starting a family life is a big event for those who decide to do so. It makes sense then, that young people looking to settle down and live the American Dream would want only the best for themselves and their families.

Taking this into consideration, a list of the top 10 American suburbs to live in has been compiled. The list factors in the population, distance from the nearest urban area, poverty and crime rates, commuting time, school ratings, and of course, housing affordability.

As it turns out, the 10 best American suburbs to build a life in would be:

1. Springboro, Ohio:

Springboro is one of those places that feel small and cozy, even if they are not really that small. The school ratings are high, and the center of Cincinnati is only 20 minutes away.

2. Huntington Woods, Michigan:

Consistently ranked as one of the top suburbs in America, Huntington Woods receives a school rating of 6, is situated 20 minutes outside of the urban triangle of Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, and has a low living cost to boot. Not too crowded either, it seems like a pretty sweet place to live in.

3. Beverly Hills, Michigan:

Another suburb in Michigan, Beverly Hills is the best place to choose if one wishes to form close bonds with the inhabitants. Regular town celebrations and events are organized and enjoyed by the closely-knit community. In addition, Michigan has an extremely low poverty rate (0.5%), and the commuting time to the urban areas is little more than negligible.

4. Signal Mountain, Tennessee:

Located near the city of Chattanooga, just 20 minutes away, Signal Mountain got its name from an expanse of land called Signal point, as well as the Tennessee River, which flows near.

5. Powell, Ohio:

Apart from very livable, Powell is also the state capital of Ohio. Founded in 1801, and merely 25 minutes away from the city of Columbus, Powell also boasts a very high average household income.

6. Villa Hills, Kentucky:

Villa Hills was initially farmland, but 20 years later, it stands among the best suburban areas to live in, with short commuting time to Cincinnati, great school ratings and a respectable average household income number.

7. Zionsville, Indiana:

Zionsville is the ideal place to raise a family. Located 23 minutes away from the metro of Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson, nearly 80% of homeowners spend less than one-third of their income on housing expenses.

8. Mountain Brook, Alabama:

Mountain Brook is just 17 minutes away from Birmingham-Hoover metro. The nice community has its own school system, boast of five distinctly attractive shopping villages, and residential spaces beautifully designed by Warren Manning — the landscape planner responsible for creating New York’s Central Park.

9. Wyoming, Ohio:

Wyoming has one of the best school ratings, a very comfortable average household income, and a very short distance from Cincinnati. Also, a very close community to boot.

10. Elm Grove, Wisconsin:

Elm Grove might just be the absolute best place to live in, with its insanely low poverty and crime rates, a six-figure average household income, and a commuting time of 20 minutes. This haven is a designated “Bird City”, a distinction awarded to places committed to maintaining communities a great place for people, birds, and other wildlife.

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