10 Health Benefits of Drinking Almond Milk

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Almond milk is an excellent substitute for those who can’t consume dairy products and find the other offerings of soy, rice, and hazelnut a little too rich and overpowering. This product has been around since the middle ages, it was a staple in medieval kitchens as it does not need to be refrigerated and, therefore, doesn’t spoil like cow's milk. These days, the sales in almond milk have been growing and it has overtaken its soya counterpart in the choice of milk for those shunning

Some More Reasons to Eat Avocados Every Day

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How many of you only associate the avo (as the Australians say) with guacamole? Ever eaten one on its own…yes, I mean without Mexican food…like you would a pear? No? Then you should! They are a fantastic source of nutrients and minerals, they taste amazing and you can smother them on your face in the name of beauty. Need some more convincing? The avocado is nature's little miracle berry. It is highly nutritious and despite the bad press it received years ago due to its

Vitastiq: a Sleek Pen That Knows Everything about Vitamins in Your Body

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Recently, there was an innovative holistic health-care gadget introduced to the public though some of the biggest tech sites. The devices name is Vitastiq and it allows users to check 30 most important vitamins and minerals with a completely non-invasive and painless way using a smartphone as an interface. Vitastiq was a hit on its IndieGoGo campaign page as it reached 100% of funding 25 days before campaign closure! This proves the fact that people are getting more involved with their own health and well

8 Reasons You’re Tired All The Time + How To Beat Fatigue

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One of the top health problems I talk to people about is chronic fatigue or extremely low energy levels. From generalized fatigue to the more serious chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), this epidemic of extreme tiredness is hitting a record amount of people. Chronic fatigue syndrome by itself affects more than 1 million Americans, more people in the United States than multiple sclerosis, lupus, and many forms of cancer. These statistics don't even take into account all the people struggling with daily low-grade fatigue. Fatigue also