Recently, there was an innovative holistic health-care gadget introduced to the public though some of the biggest tech sites.

The devices name is Vitastiq and it allows users to check 30 most important vitamins and minerals with a completely non-invasive and painless way using a smartphone as an interface.

Vitastiq was a hit on its IndieGoGo campaign page as it reached 100% of funding 25 days before campaign closure!

This proves the fact that people are getting more involved with their own health and well being.

With this pen, you will be able to know everything about vitamins in your body.

If you are one of the many people not getting their proper dose of vitamins, act soon while the campaign is still ongoing! The early-bird Vitastiq perk was sold out pretty quickly, but there are some interesting perks you can still purchase.

Vitamin detection pen uses a painless method called electro-acupuncture. EAV is an existing methodology used for decades by all other professional devices for measuring vitamin and mineral levels, that you can easily find in pharmacies and specialist offices.

With Vitastiq you can also easily keep track of your progress, as the smartphone app saves and evaluates previous reading from the device.

A Sleek Pen Knows All About Vitamins In Your Body

Recently Vitastiq was also supported by some of the worlds best athletes, such as Olympic high-jump star Blanka Vlasic, NBA players Roko Leni Ukic and Dino Radja.

Not only that, the Croatian handball team had their vitamin levels checked before heading off to the world championship in Qatar.


Convenient and quick, self-examination can be conducted anywhere. Users will no longer need to undergo costly tests and visit specialists as was the case before Vitastiq was made.

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