How to Perform Natural Colon Cleanse to Get Rid of Toxins from Your Body

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How to purge toxins from your body? People have used colon cleansing methods for decades to improve their health and quality of life. You may have been thinking about going through one yourself. So, what is this fascinating process? What are the natural methods of performing a colon cleanse, how can it benefit us, and what harm can it do? What Is A Natural Colon Cleanse? A Colon Cleanse is necessary when the digestive system cannot do enough to purge the body of toxins. People

How Exposure to Asbestos and Other Toxins Causes Cancer

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Exposure to asbestos, radon and other cancer-causing toxins can often go undetected for years. How to make sure there are no hidden toxins in your home? Keeping your home clean and toxin-free is extremely important to maintaining a healthy life. It can sometimes surprise homeowners as to what kind of dangers may already be in their homes, even at the time of purchase. As spring progresses, this is the perfect time of year to take stock of your home and make sure there are no

Do Homemade Detox Foot Pads Really Remove Toxins from Your Body?

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We consume different kinds of processed unhealthy foods, soft drinks and alcohol. There is a popular claim that homemade detox foot pads can remove toxins from these substances. Is it true? Let's find out. Other bad habits, such as cigarettes, are greatly affecting the health of modern humans. Also, there is the pollution of the environment, unhealthy lifestyle… In this way, all different kinds of toxins are deposited in our body and make us less healthy species than any other inhabitant of Earth. In simple

15 Signs Your Body Has Too High Acidity Levels and How to Fix It

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In this article, you will learn how to recognize if your body has too high acidity levels. Does your body feel as though it is a chemistry accident waiting to happen? Do you feel unnecessarily tired, or have a palpitating heart? If your answer to these questions is yes, there may be high acidity levels in your body fluids. This condition is a definite cause for concern; it has various unhealthy consequences. Your body sends out signals if it is acidic, and it is up

Toenail Fungus May Indicate Your Body Is Full of Toxins – Here Is How to Treat It Naturally

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Toenail fungus stems from our nutrition. The first thing to understand about fungus is why it's there. Most fungus only appears in an environment to break down dying matter. This may sound scary, but it's important to understand that the issue actually stems from something underlying in your body's health – and get to the bottom of it. Let's look at the facts: Toes are almost always kept in a dark and moist environment in your shoes and socks. As a result, they don't get

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Cabbage for All Kinds of Ailments

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Cabbage is a wonder food and it's also a wonderful tool! If used in the right way, it can have a number of healing powers – powers that you have probably never heard of before. All you need is cabbage, some paper towels, and some plastic wrap to get started on these homemade remedies! Here are Some Incredible Ways to Use Cabbage for All Kinds of Ailments 1. Heal Wounds Cabbage contains essential amino acids that are used to regrow tissue. Add some lightly blanched

5 Warning Signs That You Have Too Many Toxins in Your Body

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It can be all too easy to ignore what your body is trying to tell you. Your body is very clever at giving you hints about what might be wrong with you, and it's time to listen to it. Are you feeling less than 100% most of the time? Do you feel unwell on a frequent basis and aren't sure why? You may have already put it down to age or environment, but it might be something else. Did you know that your body could

Here Is Why You Should Be Sleeping on the Left Side of Your Body

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Sleeping is vital for us to function, and whilst we joke that without a coffee we are useless. But what we really need is to be sleeping well and for long enough and if we can accomplish that, it is highly likely that we wouldn’t need that morning coffee…or three. But it is not just the number of hours we sleep for; it’s also the quality of sleep that is important. A night of good sleep gives our body and minds the rest it needs.