Cabbage is a wonder food and it’s also a wonderful tool! If used in the right way, it can have a number of healing powers – powers that you have probably never heard of before.

All you need is cabbage, some paper towels, and some plastic wrap to get started on these homemade remedies!

Here are Some Incredible Ways to Use Cabbage for All Kinds of Ailments

1. Heal Wounds

Cabbage contains essential amino acids that are used to regrow tissue. Add some lightly blanched cabbage to your wound and see the inflammation reduced.

2. Alleviate Headaches

Thanks to the vitamin c and k, folate, calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorous that are found in cabbage, you can use cabbage to help with headaches. It works especially well with tension headaches and toxin-related headaches.

3. Stop Breastfeeding Pain

If you experience pain while breastfeeding takes the advice of the International Breastfeeding Center and put some cabbage on your breasts to reduce the pain and encourage milk flow. The best way is to crush the leaves with a rolling pin, and then place them on your breasts. They should be left there for around 20 minutes.

4. Regain Thyroid Balance

While it is not advised to eat cabbage if you are taking hormones or have a hormone imbalance, it is OK to wrap the cabbage over your thyroid gland at night and leave it while you sleep. This can help to rebalance your thyroid hormones.

5. Reduce Swelling

Many physical therapists recommend using cabbage on sore and highly-inflamed joints. Cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables contain glucosinolate, which is a prominent anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting compound.

How to use cabbage as a healer:

First of all, cut off the large vein that runs through each of the leaves so that is more flexible. You don’t need to throw this part away, it’s still edible and you can eat it in salads and other dishes.

Secondly, prepare a cutting board that is lined with plastic wrap. Then, lay the leaves on the board.

Next, place a paper towel both under and over the leaves before taking a meat cleaver and pounding the leaves. This action will activate the vegetable’s active compounds.

Finally, remove the leaves from the paper towels. Now you can place the leaves directly on your skin and use the plastic wrap beneath it to keep the leaves in place.

You can also use a bandage if you need one to keep the leaves in place, especially if you are using the leaves to heal a wound.



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