13 Natural Sources of Collagen (Both Animal and Vegan Ones)

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Everyone is aware they require protein, but there are many sources to consider. One that should be at the top of your list is collagen. You always want to find the cleanest versions of food whenever possible. Just like there are top choices of protein, carbs, and fats there are many great sources of collagen. This article will look at what collagen is, why it's important and the best natural sources. Why Is Protein So Important? I'm sure you're aware that you need protein in your

These Common Food Cravings Could Mean You Have Nutrient Deficiencies

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There are many times when cravings just appear, unexpectedly, and there is no actual hunger. What are the causes of these sudden food cravings? These are the most common types: 1. Classical conditioning Places and people can trigger off cravings for certain types of food. We are all victims of this category of cravings. Like craving pizza on movie nights at a certain time, out of habit. Once you are aware of the habit, it can be easy to steer away from it. Once you

If You Don’t Eat Meat, You Don’t Kill Animals, Right? Wrong, Says Argentinian Naturalist

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Among vegans and vegetarians, there are those who choose to do so simply because they prefer it - they do not like to eat meat. And that's perfectly fine. However, a lot more people who will say that they are on such a diet decided to stop eating meat for the love of animals, compassion, and in order to stop the killing. This second group might be wrong and their reasoning is less logical. It may sound contradictory, to say the least, but not only

Washing Chicken Can Be Dangerous for Your Health and Here’s Why

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Washing chicken could be harmful to your health, according to science. In modern times, when the running water is a luxury of every home, we often tend to wash all the food we prepare before cooking. Somehow we think that by washing the food before cooking, we make a double percussion in regards to hygiene. This especially stands for meat. No matter if we bought the meat from a local butcher or we bought packed pieces from the supermarket, we always like to wash it before cooking.

When You Stop Eating Meat, These15 Miracles Take Place in Your Body

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Have you ever tried to stop eating meat? You will see some amazing changes in your body if you do. When you gaze upon a sizzling steak with outpouring, savory juices, it can be hard not to give in. You feel like a salivating puppy that cannot get to its bone. Meat, though delicious, is a fat source and not always a wise food option. Vegetables are a healthy alternative, and when prepared well, can be just as tempting. Besides, there is a host of

How to Save the Environment and Help the World by Changing Your Food Habits

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As the world seems to shrink with international trade and Internet connectivity, more consumers are examining their purchases than ever before. The food that you purchase at the market usually comes from a variety of locations, from Mexico to Latin America. Although the food selection might be diverse, it's important to be aware of the items' backgrounds as they're quickly purchased. In fact, your purchasing habits can influence the world and save the environment when you consider certain aspects of the food that you buy.

One More Reason Not to Eat Bacon: WHO Links Processed Meat to Cancer

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Cancer is a deadly disease that affects millions of people in the world today. It attacks from within, leaving its victim scarred both physically and mentally. Cancer kills as well, taking out huge numbers of its victims-millions. Most people have been affected, either directly or through friends and loved ones. Although there are cures and treatments for Cancer, its best to know how to prevent it before it leaves its mark on your life. Cancer is caused by many things-cigarettes, alcohol, and genetics. Another important

These 6 Foods Behave Like Addictive Drugs

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Addictive drugs aren't exclusive to street drugs or prescription medications. Sometimes foods can be just a harmful. Exorphins, chemicals found in certain foods, can mimic the effects of addictive drugs. Since we know this, strategies are being developed to save our health from these harmful foods, or rather the inability to utilize moderation. So, here's the magic question: Which foods contain this potentially deadly chemical? A company called Big Foods, maker of processed products, understand what exorphins do. That's because they cram this chemical