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5 Signs Social Acceptance Is Too Important for You

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Are you spending too much energy on trying to gain social acceptance? The desire to be liked is something we all feel, as we are social beings, and as such, we have an innate need to form relationships with other human beings. Nonetheless, in some cases, the need to gain people’s approval could become excessive. There are a number of possible reasons that could lead to this exaggerated desire. Social anxiety could be one of them. Thus, if you are experiencing a fear of people’s


The 5 Languages of Love and Why They Are More Important Than Saying ‘I Love You’

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Expressing yourself through the languages of love will have a great impact on your relationships. Many of us struggle to express our love for others. Such obstacles to communication are not limited to romantic relationships. They extend to family, friends, and colleagues. Making our feelings known to our loved ones is essential, no matter how uncomfortable it is. The languages of love, seen in simple gestures, make a positive impact on our relationships. Reasons You Cannot Express Your Feelings Communication may not be second nature


7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Justifying Yourself to Others and Just Do Your Thing

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Are you used to justifying yourself? In this article, you will find some good reasons to stop doing it. What people think of me is none of my business! After all, I don’t think about them at all. Justifying yourself can simply be defined as explaining who you are, why you are who you are, why you believe what you believe, why you did what you did, why you said what you said. By doing so, you have implicitly placed the other person in a position


5 Secrets of People Who Follow Through with their Creative Aspirations

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“The starting point of all success is desire” ~Napoleon Hill We are busy. Time flies. We have routines and habits that guide us through our days and to-do lists. However, there is another part of us that runs parallel to this experience. Next to our to-do list is another list that we keep close to our heart. This is the list of things we hope to someday accomplish. These are our soul projects, our creative projects. Maybe you want to someday... Write a book. Learn to


How to Exude Confidence and Truly Express Yourself in New Social Situations

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Do you ever wish you could walk into a room of unknown people and be completely at ease? When you talk with someone new, you share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions with heart, grace and openness. This is reciprocated, loved and you love the other person for doing the same. Your interactions continue this way. You gain a lovely momentum that is grounded in your unique perspective, humor, and confidence. Others want to be around you and you want to be around them. You feel


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