At the moment you can feel easily overwhelmed by other things going on in the world especially if you watch a lot of the news.

Our own lives can be pretty overwhelming at times too so I have put together a little list of some simple ways to boost your happiness back up.

Let’s face it we all could do with the extra smile boost right? So read on for my tips to bring that smile to your face;

1. Don’t be Regular

We all know those little things that bring a smile to our faces but don’t take them for granted. Soon enough the early morning cup of tea that your partner makes for you will soon become a habit and you might not raise the same smile or feel of happiness.

All the things that you end up expecting to bring you happiness will soon just become habitual and you’ll lose that extra boost. Maybe make them a cup of tea as a surprise or for both of you to go out for breakfast instead.

Take some time out, make some little changes and you’ll soon notice you will embrace and love the little changes.

2. The Small Stuff

Remember when you reached into your pocket and found that extra note. Remember how you smiled and worked out how you would spend it? We all do it. It’s like free money, even though we know it isn’t but somehow our minds end up being tricked into this being some kind of win.

Now it would be pretty hard to keep hiding money for you to find, later on, you’d all go and spend it straight away (if you can do it then go for it – much better than I would be!). So what are the other things that make you smile?

Curling up with a book and a hot chocolate, meeting a friend for lunch, making time to watch your favorite TV program. Whatever it is – make time.

3. Happy Factor

The chances are that you are more likely to feel happy when you are amongst other happy people. This cannot always be the case but make time to meet up with friends and have a good laugh. The sound of laughter is very infectious and will make you smile immediately.

Not only are you getting the benefit of this but anyone around you will also feel happy. You’ll be sharing the happy factor and that is something to make you smile.

4. Be Thankful

I have to confess that this is something that I have only started doing very recently and I can tell you that it does work. Then, I have started to journal down the things that have made me happy each week, some people do it daily but I chose to do it weekly so I could really pick out the best bits.

I write things that I’ve done that have made me happy, friends I have seen, books that have been good, TV programs/films that made me laugh. It’s really good to look back at the week and I also find it inspires me to make sure that the next week follows the same pattern.

Possibly improve it somehow if time allows. Just take the time to be thankful for what you have done or what others have done for you.

5. YOU!

Yes, you! Has anyone told you that you’re awesome? Well, you are. You are awesome! You smiled a little, didn’t you? Apparently, we react more to being told a compliment by a complete stranger, nothing creepy mind you!

But remember when you hold the door open for the next person behind you to say something like “have a nice day”, be polite and you’ll see that they will probably be a bit surprised at first but they will either reciprocate or at least smile back. It’s amazing the boost you get from this, something so small and simple to do.

So this is my little list of ways to boost your happiness so now after reading this I want you to go and do something that makes you happy.

Go and do it. You’ll get a great buzz for taking the time to do it and remember – You are awesome! We say so.


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