As the winter sets in, everyone is at their best to keep themselves warm throughout the chilly season.

Apart from dressing warmly and staying indoors, there are also warm drinks that can provide the necessary heat for your body.

Here are ten amazing warm drinks with alcohol you probably haven’t known of. Please keep in mind that this is meant for individuals over 21!

1. Chocolate infused with Cinnamon and enjoyed with wine

When you blend chocolate together with cinnamon and wine, what do you get? A neat Cinnamon Chocolate Wine latte!

Cinnamon Chocolate Wine Latte

Simply take some rouge (red) wine and add a little warm milk before giving it a dash of cinnamon. Depending on how you wish to entertain yourself, measure out the wine in an ideal ratio. It takes practice to get the right punch, but it is totally worth it in the end.

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2. Rum Chata Hot Cacao

Rum Chata Hot Cacao

RumChata is a popular cocktail that has a tinge of the regular cinnamon toast crunch. Since it is a cocktail, you can get creative with the ingredients – just ensure that there are rum and cacao powder somewhere in there.

By rum, we mean Rum-Chata from your Wines and Spirits depot. Simply add three parts of rum-chata mixed with warm milk to 1 part of hot cacao and you are good to go!

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3. The Tipsy Nutella Cacao

Tipsy Nutella Cacao

Melt the Nutella and add a lot of Smirnoff Vodka, before topping it with some marshmallow for this delicious punch. To warm it up, mix with hot cacao and sip while it is still scalding.

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4. The Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man

To make this uniquely named drink, you will need some Schnapps Butterscotch and Cinnamon, boiling coffee and a serving of Irish cream. Take a 0.5 part of the Irish Cream, another 0.5 part of the Schnapps and 4 parts of the coffee and mix them thoroughly.

Look for a huge mug to pour this cocktail into – before topping with whipped cream and enjoying it.

5. Winter Snowflake Cocktail

Winter Snowflake Cocktail

For this cocktail, take some chocolate chips (white) and stir with some milk, vanilla essence sugar and white sugar. Next, microwave the mixture and add some Kahlua thereafter. Add little caramel curls and whipped cream before serving while hot.

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6. Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

Add some love to the cold times with this easy drink. To get started, get some liquor, steamed milk, nutmeg and simple syrup. You will also need to have some gin at hand – preferably the Bluecoat variety.

Next, get a Microwaveable mug to mix these ingredients together – and ensure that you have a homogeneous mixture. Finally, add some steamed milk and garnish with nutmeg. There you have your Brotherly Love!

7. Warm Apple Cider and Caramel Cocktail

Warm Apple Cider and Caramel Cocktail

First, warm some apple cider before pouring it into several mugs. Next, pour Caramel Apple Vodka into the mugs before mixing to a homogeneous mix. Finally, top the cocktail with sweetened cream and enjoy.

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8. Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry Warm Rum

This is another sweet, frothy drink made from dark rum, brandy, and hot milk. Some people like it with raw eggs since it is much thicker and quite wholesome.

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9. The Hot Chocolate, Bourbon and Bacon

Hot Chocolate, Bourbon and Bacon

If you like hazelnut hot chocolate and bacon fat, why not try this drink? To get it right, emulsify the bacon fat onto the drink and add some Nutella or hot chocolate. Taste the difference.

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10. Warm and Toasty

Warm and Toasty

The Warm and Toasty is a simple cocktail that can be enjoyed in a coffee mug. To start off the party, mix some cranberry puree, apple cider and some bourbon in the said mug. After this, cap it all up with cinnamon and whipped cream. The hot part of this treat is apple cider.

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