The best relationships go through a lot, but there are certain steps in a relationship that every healthy couple should go through.

You shouldn’t rush into marriage, it is a big decision that must be well considered. If you’re wondering whether your relationship is destined for wedding bells, these ten steps will help. These are the steps that every healthy couple goes through before tying the knot and are a great indication of where your relationship is heading.

These steps help your relationship grow and become stronger, preparing you both to stand the difficult parts of life. These steps are a good indicator your relationship is made to last, even if you have only gone through some of them. They will show you that your relationship is on the right track.

1. Getting to know each other

It may sound obvious, but couples need to really get to know one another before marriage. Marriage is not something to be taken lightly and many jumps in too soon. Taking time to get to know one another gives you the chance to see if this is the one.

A new relationship is easy to get excited about, but taking your time is the best way forward in a relationship.

2. Meeting the parents

Meeting your partner’s parents is a huge deal. These are the people you will potentially be spending a huge amount of your time with and you can’t get rid of them. Meeting the parents comes at different times for different people, so give your relationship time to get there on its own. Once you do, you know that you and your partner are taking things seriously.

3. Dropping the L Bomb

Being in love is serious business and it is not something that should be said without consideration. It’s easy to confuse love with infatuation, but this can be dangerous because it is one of the most important steps in a relationship, especially new ones.

Give yourself enough time to figure out which of the two your feeling. You know your relationship is getting serious once the L bomb is dropped.

4. Taking holidays together

Holidays are the first indication of whether you can spend extended amounts of time together. It’s one thing to date a few nights a week, but a holiday can be anything from a weekend to two weeks. If you can last with each other in close quarters for a long period of time, you are definitely moving forward and taking the right steps towards marriage.

5. Moving in together

Moving in together is one of the biggest steps in a relationship. The world has moved on from the tradition of couples only living together once they married. Nowadays, living together allows you to test the waters of marriage without the legal commitment.

Living together may bring about some adjustments, but it will show you just how strong your relationship truly is.

6. Talking about the future

Future discussion is big and important talk. One of the most important steps in a relationship is making sure that you want the same things out of life. This means children, settling down, and general alignment of future plans. Without this talk, you may find yourself married to someone with completely different life plans to your own.

7. Getting a pet

Being in a long-term relationship is a big commitment, you need to face a lot of things together. Getting a pet is a great way of testing whether you are up for the challenge of long-term responsibility. Moreover, it tests the waters for future children (if that’s what you want) and that may be very important.

8. The BIG fight

Every relationship goes through rough times. One of the most crucial steps in a relationship is the BIG fight. If you can get through the worst of times, you know your relationship is strong enough to withstand the tests of time. It’s a difficult step to go through, but it really shows the true colors of the relationship.

9. The marriage discussion

Talking about marriage can be tricky, not everyone feels the same way. Everyone has a different timeline, a different expectation, and a different plan.

The true sign of a relationship destined for marriage is one where all of these ideas match up. Until you’ve had this conversation, you can’t know for sure whether you want the same things as your partner.

10. The perfect proposal

The final step in a relationship destined for marriage is the perfect proposal. A proposal should be exactly what you want (even if you didn’t actually imagine it that way) because you only get married once. The perfect proposal will make you feel as though you can’t say anything but yes.

It should never give you doubts. After the perfect proposal, you are right on your way to the perfect marriage.

Deciding to get married can be the biggest decision of your life, but the right person will make it easy. You won’t have to think about saying yes or spending life together, you already know it’s what you want. If you and your partner have lasted through these important steps in a relationship, you may already know they are marriage material.



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