Everyone experiences the urge to settle down at different points in their life. Do you feel you may be ready?

While some are ready to settle down soon after high school or college, others may need more time to move around and discover their path in life.

Are you one of those people who thought you’d never want to settle down? You may be completely surprised to find that you have changed your mind.

While you once loved living in a new location every year, you are content to stay in the same place now and maybe even with the same person.

If these nine things sound familiar, chances are you’re ready to settle down.

1. You crave a permanent place for your things

You want the luxury of a giant book display to display all your books and treasures. It would be nice to expand your wardrobe too. The ability to fit all of your belongings in a suitcase is getting old. For the first time, you want to trade that suitcase in for a closet.

2. Convenience is worth extra money now

Though you used to deal with long layovers just to save a couple hundred on a plane ticket, you’re now willing to admit thatcomfort is just worth the extramoneyto you. You are trading in crazy nights at party hostels for private spacious rooms in hotels.

3. You’re getting the mommy/daddy urge

A few years ago you couldn’t imagine being responsible for another life, you barely had your own under control. Now you feel that you need something more whether that be a child or even a cat or a dog.

You need companionship and the feeling of being needed. A plant to water or a goldfish to feed isn’t quite enough anymore.

4. Decorating is more fun now

In the past, you felt content with putting up a few band posters for decoration but now you are more creative and innovative. You’re willing to spend more time and money to make your place perfect for you. You’re painting the walls and picking out couch cushions to match, thoroughly enjoying the experience more than you’d ever thought possible.

5. You only want to be with one person

You have serious feelings for someone and you want to be exclusive. Even after you two have passed the initial honeymoon phase, you feel completely satisfied with your relationship.

You don’t feel like you’re missing out on other people or opportunities when you spend all of your time with your significant other. You know you’re with the right person.

6. You going to bed early now

Staying up late isn’t something you do often anymore. You actually enjoy making adult decisions such as choosing to get eight hours of sleep. The nights you do go out with your friends they all make fun of you for struggling to keep your eyes open past midnight.

7. No more Fear of the Future

You’re not afraid that staying in the same place will be boring and you’re actually excited to start laying down some roots. Your future seems like an exciting journey rather than the end of your fun adolescent life. You no longer dread getting older either…gray hair can be stylish right?

8. Long-term plans are becoming more common

You are planning things in advance because now you actually know where you will be in a couple years. Before you would have had no clue. You are taking on long-term projects with your significant other or friends and planning vacations a year in advance. No more looking for airplane tickets two weeks before.

9. You’re placing priority on your family

You are thinking of moving back to your hometown, even though you once made fun of the people who stayed there after high school. You want to be there to take care of your parents and if you have children you want them to grow up playing with their cousins.

Birthday parties and family dinners are becoming more important than meeting friends for cocktails downtown.

You are finally accepting the fact that settling down can be a fun adventurerather than something to fear.

Whether you have found “the one”, or you simply have found a career in a city that you love, you have to admit that it feels pretty good to know just what you want.


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