It may sound silly to feel uncomfortable when you know that you have finally found the right person.

If you’re in a great relationship, why should you be anything other than happy?

The truth is, there are many things that make people a little uneasy which they would never have realized until presently in the situation. Whether it’s your first time feeling truly compatible with someone, or you’re going through some inner changes, here are six signs you are in a relationship with the right person…that may feel uncomfortable.

1. The fear of settling down is arising

You may have lived your whole life without giving it much thought but as you get nearer to settling down you are starting to freak out, even though you love the person you’re with.

If you can’t imagine your life with anyone else but the moment you decided to make things permanent you have the urge to run for the hills, know that this is completely normal.

2. You have let your guard down

You don’t feel the need to always be perfect in front your partner like you once did in the beginning of the relationship.

For example, you may shave less, wear less makeup, dress down in sweatpants. You’re not letting yourself go, you’re just comfortable enough with your partner to let your true self show. This is how you know you are with the right person.

3. Everyone is making fun of you

You may notice your friends or even random strangers making fun of you and your partner being inseparable.

People might make accusations, whether jokingly or not, that you aren’t able to be apart. Don’t be upset about this because often times these people are just jealous of what you have, which is a healthy relationship.

4. All your sentences start with “We”

Whether you notice this, or a friend points it out, all your sentences are starting with the word, “we”, now. Instead of talking about where you had breakfast yesterday, it’s where you and your partner had breakfast.

Instead of talking about the new dishes you picked out, it’s the dishes you and your partner picked out together. This isn’t a sign that you’re losing your independence, it’s just a sign you’ve found someone who you love to be with all the time.

5. Your life has taken shape in the form of a routine

Some people crave spontaneity and when they notice that all the sudden their life has become an organized routine, they may feel really uncomfortable!

Everyone has different time variables that make up their day, from work hours to weekly yoga classes. When you factor in two people’s schedules who want to spend a lot of time together, an organized routine becomes necessary.

6. You don’t have sex as often

At first, not having sex makes you think of a dying relationship. However, it really just means that you two have so much more than physical attraction.

You enjoy doing other things together just as much as sex and sometimes when it’s been a long day, you just don’t feel the need to sleep with each other, which is perfectly okay.

Do you believe you are in a relationship with the right person? Can you relate to any of these uncomfortable signs? Please share your experiences in the comments below.


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  1. trabeauli

    Interesting content. This sign is true. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sharon Wagner

    I had 5 of these feelings in my marriage of 28 years then I found out he was chatting on Facebook with someone 20 years younger and skinny.

    Evidently he didn’t have these feelings.

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