I bet you have often wondered why a man in love is so different than a woman in love. There are some good reasons why the behavior varies between the sexes.

This is not just an opinion, but even researchers have scientifically demonstrated that a man in love acts differently than a woman in love.

Firstly, when a man falls in love with you is because he knows that he can be himself around you. He falls in love with you because he feels his heart is safe with you when he expresses his deepest feelings.

He feels free to be an open book because he feels that you are not judgmental, but rather empathic and supportive; that in return, you can also be expressive with your own emotions at a profound level, no matter the nature of your feelings.

You look like you are a woman connected to herself and proud of it. Due to these soulful connections with you, unconsciously, he becomes “addicted” to your presence, your touches, and your affection.

He knows that there is something special about you, something he has never felt with another woman. This is a man in love. That’s the “secret psychology” about men and love. I say “secret” because there are some people who think that there are tricks some women use to mesmerize a man.

We have been taught that sex, physical appearance, or what you do attract a man. All of these are myths.

Yet, although men may love as intensely as women do, they will have different ways to express their emotions, and here is how:

Men will have different ways to express their emotions and here is how

1. Replying to messages

How many times have you not waited hours for your lover to answer a message? You have definitely gone through such episodes and perhaps you thought of the worst. There’s no need to be so upset because men like to create some suspense.

Men tend to be more pragmatic then women and most of the time they struggle to verbally communicate their emotions, so being romantic through a message is not their strength. Besides if he is caught in an important conversation at work or has a challenging day, sending you a sweet message is not their priority.

Not because you are not special or a priority in their life, but remember: men are naturally built to “fight” with challenges and in those moments their mind is focused on solutions. But that may not always be the case. When a man is emotionally attracted to you, he will randomly text or call you, wishing to know how you feel or go through the day.

2. Talking about Feelings

Although it may sound too deterministic, men struggle to talk about their emotions or be open about their worries or frustrations. Loving statements, long romantic conversation, and romantic serenades may not always be the best ways for them to show their admiration & passion for their partner.

Instead, practicality is their strength, so a surprising dinner in town, a trip to your favorite place or a nice rub on the back after a long working day could be some of the ways that will help your man tell you how lucky he is to have you in his life.

3. Sex

One of the most common myths is that men think about sex all the time. In fact, women do that too, but perhaps not so often and not so intense. As for sex, men are generally focused on the act itself, not on the romance involved.

Instead, women want to be pampered, adored, and treated as the most important beings. Men may get bored with this cheesy stuff and this is why they will seek to offer you pure body pleasure. That does not mean he does not love you, but for men, the sexual instinct is much more pronounced than in women, so fantasies and sexual desire prevail.

4. Flirting Technique

Flirt for men is a real form of art. For them, this technique used at the beginning of the relationship is very important as it confirms their virility and ability to conquer you. They will continue flirting with you even throughout the years, but it wouldn’t be bad if you would participate in his flirtation in order to keep the relationship spicy & interesting.

5. Long Kisses

A man in love often initiates long, passionate kisses, which shows much more than his sexual attraction to you.

6. Affection in Public

As a rule, men do not really enjoy displaying gentle gestures in public. But a man in love will seek permanent physical contact with his girlfriend by putting their arm around her, holding hands, etc.

This desire must not necessarily be interpreted as being sexual since it comes from the desire to express the admiration and love towards his lover.

7. Respects Your Personal Space

Women have a tendency to “suffocate” their partner by wanting to be everywhere and do everything with their partner. While this may be a sign of strong love, men consider that some personal space is essential for personal growth.

Although some women may perceive that as ignorance, men think that if you love someone you allow them to be themselves, to explore hobbies and discover new horizons in order to encourage independent thinking.

The above points are some general perspectives on how men choose to express their love, but each man has a different style of showing their love.

So the best advice would be to discover your partner and pay attention to the small gestures he makes. Sometimes a generalist description cannot help you identify the signals of love from the person next to you.


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  1. vij

    Thank you for writing this.

  2. Patrick Dieter

    Bless your heart for making a valiant attempt. I’m sure your intentions are good, but your information? Not so much.

    This is a collection of tired old stereotypes along the lines of “Mars vs. Venus” stuff. Men don’t do things “as a rule,” or “usually,” nor do they “tend to” do certain things. While these toxic roles may have once been heavily reinforced by our culture, those days are LONG past and good riddance! We men are perfectly capable of being nurturing, romantic, openly emotional and empathetic, just as today’s women can be practical, solution-focused, or sometimes just want a quickie. I’m frankly insulted by your suggestion that men have difficulty expressing our emotions. Sorry, no.

  3. Mimsy

    Thank you Patrick, I agree.

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