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Snacks Diabetics Can Enjoy

Many of us know a friend or a loved one with diabetes or perhaps you are the one suffering from the condition.

The hardest part has got to be the part where one has to change eating habits given that diabetics are literally advised to cross off lots of food from their menu.

Well, who said that people with diabetes should not enjoy life like others? As far as eating is concerned, we have compiled various snacks that a diabetic can enjoy without worrying about having negative effects on their health.

1. Nuts

Nuts and almonds are great snacks, especially when craving a crunch. They should be taken in small amounts probably no more than a cup or so because they are high on calories if taken in plenty.

2. Rice cakes

Rice cakes are great for diabetics because they are low on carbs not to mention that they are tasty. Peanut butter or low-fat cheese can be added to compliment it.

3. Popcorn

Given its great source of fiber, it is highly recommended for any person not just those with diabetes. It can be made using an oil like canola and sprinkled on a small amount of garlic powder, parmesan cheese or all spice. It is very enjoyable and has no effects a when taken in large amounts.

4. Black bean salad

It is very healthy thanks to its fiber and protein content levels. Making black bean salad with black beans, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, lemon juice, garlic and green bell pepper makes it great and tasty.

5. Veggies

Chopped carrots, cucumbers, avocado and broccoli and stevia all have healthy nutrients that are great in boosting your body’s immune system and functionality. Just try dipping them in hummus and see how appetizing it can turn out to be.

6. Eggs

It is a great snack choice especially when boiled. It can also be mashed up and taken with other snacks of your choice.

7. Sugar-free jello

When you need something sweet and healthier, then sugar-free jello is the ideal snack. It has few calories ton sum up its yummy taste. It can also be taken as a desert plus it can be taken in large amounts since it has lesser risks.

8. Part-skim cheese

It has low carbs so it will not interfere with blood sugar level. It is among the healthiest snacks you can find around.

9. Frozen blueberry yogurt bites

This one is particularly perfect for diabetic kids. It consists of stevia, blueberries and plain non-fat yogurt. It serves a lot of dietary needs to kids.

10. Apple slices

An apple a day will always keep your body away from troubles. So, why not try five apple slices with non-fat Greek yogurt snack and discover a great way of enjoying a sweeter snack without any worries.

11. Fruits

Fruits are great since they provide fiber and many important nutrients to a diabetic patient. Berries, melons and apples will be the best options. The choice of fruit should have lower sugar and lower potions.

12. Whole grain crackers

Blood pressure cholesterol can be lowered when crackers with whole wheat are taken. An example of this is Kashis 7 grain crackers but there are other cool options depending on which part of the world you reside.

13. Nonfat cottage cheese

Protein in cottage helps stabilize blood sugar and also curbs hunger. It should be taken in low amount on a daily basis.

Diabetics should have a snack at any time they want but quantity is something to keep an eye on. The great thing is that some snacks are readily available while others can be made with readily available ingredients and a healthy recipe. Try them out soon as every time is snack time.

By Egline J.

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13 Best Snacks Diabetics Can Enjoy

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