Fast food has an extremely bad reputation, wouldn’t you think? But the truth is, you don’t know the half of it!

I spent much of my young adulthood eating fast foods. I wasn’t cooking much home prepared food because I was busy going to parties and hanging out with friends. Little did I know, I was endangering my body and mind. Even when my health wasn’t at risk, I was putting disgusting things into my system.

Processed foods and fast foods have gained popularity over time, I know I loved them, but that’s not a good thing. In fact, the horrific facts about this “food” may be the stuff of nightmares. You’ve been warned, now proceed with caution.

Chicken nuggets

The nuggets you buy at your neighborhood fast food restaurants have a low amount of real chicken meat. The contents of chicken nuggets contain mostly bones, connective tissues, and fatty deposits. They are also chocked full of various “preservatives”.

To keep these so-called meat products fresh, TBHQ, comprised of alcohol, acetate and acetone are pumped into the nuggets as well. Yum, tasty huh? They aren’t so tasty when studies show detrimental side effects and health risks such as liver enlargement, paralysis, and convulsions in animals. Guess that’s not so appetizing anymore.

Soda Products

The World Health Organization suggests a certain amount of sugar for one day for one adult human being. Sodas, namely Coca-Cola (Red), has at least 10 teaspoons of sugar, which is way over what is suggested. This sounds like enough to send a diabetic into a coma.

Guess that’s why they cannot have drinks like this. Soda is highly addictive, and to be honest, none of us should drink it. After all, haven’t you seen the videos where soda is used to clean drains, battery terminals and even remove rust from just about anything?

Google it! I am sure you will think twice before guzzling another one of those drinks.

Hair today…still there tomorrow too!


Have you heard about angry employees putting nasty things in the food they prepare? No? Well, a KFC employee was rumored to have put a bit of pubic hair in someone’s food. The employee had been offended in some manner, causing a truly disgusting retaliation.

Now, I know it’s not a common thing to put hair in food, at least I hope not, but there is a twist to that. L-cysteine, an amino acid used in the dough when making donuts, is actually made from the hair and feathers of animals, sometimes even human hair.

So truly, if you eat those takeout donuts, you are ingesting hair in some form or another.

McDonald’s Milkshakes


When you read the list of ingredients present in milkshakes, it seems pretty innocent. When you research these ingredients, however, the truth comes out. McDonald’s milkshakes are made with a handful of preservatives, which is common with the fast food game.

But the ingredients are also present in some unattractive places as well. For instance, Butyric acid, present in milkshakes, is also found in vomit and rancid milk. Isobutyl Anthranilate emits toxic fumes when heated, and is most likely combustible.

So instead of finding chocolate syrup listed alongside dairy products, you tend to find a short list of what sounds like cleaning products. How nice…

If all that’s not nasty enough, how about a bit of beaver anal gland to sweeten your raspberry and vanilla milkshakes. Castoreum is a substance extracted and used to make that sweet heavenly flavor we all enjoy in milkshakes. Okay, now I’m done ruing your creamy treat.

Ammonium Hydroxide packed yummy hotdogs and hamburgers

Here’s the description that explains what really goes on inside those burgers and dogs you love so much.

“…more delicately known as ‘lean finely textured beef trimmings’, this product is made from connective tissue (versus meat muscle) and fat, and is treated with ammonium hydroxide…Currently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) considers this process safe enough to allow the resulting product to be added to ground beef. However, current regulations don’t require that companies disclose the use of this ingredient on meat labels.”

So basically, you have animal parts mixed with chemical compounds, one that is labeled to be highly toxic for ingestion. The good news is that McDonald’s agreed to remove the ammonium hydroxide from the meat products, but is there any proof this has occurred.

You might just want to eat at home instead.

Fast Food Salads


Salads sound healthy, but are they? Well, let me go ahead and burst that bubble as well. The lettuce found in salads is treated to keep it fresh. Guess what they use to do this…antifreeze. Yes, I am dead serious, and the salads also have more sodium and fat than a fast food burger as well.

So, I guess healthy isn’t the word we’re looking for in this case.

FDA-approved Contaminants


And now, a horrifying fact that beats them all. Contaminants are allowed inside our foods. Apparently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) places allowances for a certain number of contaminants to pass under the radar, such as rodent hairs and pieces of insects.

There can be one or more rodent hairs in peanut butter and about 30 pieces of insects, but no more. Oh well, that’s comforting. And one more tidbit too, they also add viruses to the food in order to control bacterial growth and spoiling.

Sometimes, I wonder if it would be better to take my chances with spoiled foods.

Processed Cheese


Guess what? The cheese you think you’re eating isn’t cheese at all. Even the good cheese is only around 50% cheese, to begin with. Most of the time, you are consuming what’s called a cheese colored chemical, less than 50% to no cheese content whatsoever.

If you still want to buy grocery cheese such as this, your best bet is pasteurized process cheese food, which is part of that “slightly over 50% cheese content”.

This is why our grandparents lived longer

Ever wonder how your grandmother lived to be almost a hundred years old? My grandmother lived to the ripe old age of 96, and she hardly ever ate any sort of fast food or processed product.

Her protein was home-farm raised, her veggies came from the garden and her dairy come from cows on the farm. Most of everything she ate, she knew where it came from.

I admire the older generation, and I hope we get back to those ways. The more I read about fast food and processed food, the more I lose my appetite. I’m just going to leave this here and help you understand the truth about what you’re putting into your body.



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