Are you wondering if a guy is really attracted to you? Here are 8 tell-tale signs he likes you, which are based on the research of human body language.

Dating can be difficult, especially nowadays and it can be even harder to figure out whether your date likes you or not. Fortunately, there are some subtle body language signs he likes you which you can learn to notice if you pay attention.

Thanks to a study by Columbia University, there are a few signals that anyone can pick up on which give away your date’s true intentions.

We have collaborated some of the most important psychological and non-verbal signals that indicate attraction so that you can get a step up on your dating game and get a head start on the competition.

1. Prolonged eye contact

Prolonged eye contact is one of the most obvious signs he likes you or at least is interested in what you are saying. Eye contact signals that you have captured the attention of your date and this is your way in when making conversations and moving into flirting as the date goes on.

Lingering glances is one of the ways to know whether or not he likes you, as the longer, he holds eye contact, the more of an atmosphere is created. The less eye contact that you have, the riskier it may be that your date feel uncomfortable and you may need to take another approach, so keep this in mind.

2. Standing in close proximity

If you are standing at a bar or out with a date, the next of the signs he likes you is that he stands closer to you. He wants to make sure he hears what you’re saying and it’s a show that he is interested in both the conversation and in you.

This can be difficult to tell at a crowded bar or social gathering, but it’s a sure sign if you can spot it.

3. Facing you

Face to face contact is important in most social conversations. But if your date is facing you as much as possible and in most circumstances, it probably means that he is open and interested in your conversation.

If your date is facing you, then this is one of the first signs he likes you. It means he wants to hear you and try his best to listen to what you have to say and respond properly.

4. Open to you

If your date is slouching, this is immediately a bad sign. It means that your date might be bored and this is not good. However, if your date is sitting up straight and his body language is open, you can be pretty sure that he likes you.

It’s commonly known that closed off body language is a negative influence in social situations, so the opposite is positive. So, if there is open body language then you know that your date is interested and he likes where things are going.

5. Blushing

If you make your date laugh or smile, he may blush afterwards. Blushing is a key sign that your date likes you, so make sure that you look out for it.

Women tend to blush a bit more than men do, so if you spot it in your man, then you can be almost certain that he likes you.

6. Mirroring

Mirroring is an indicator that you’re growing trust in your date or partner. Those who are interested in you will copy your body language, posture or small movements. It is a natural reaction to liking someone.

So if your date takes a drink right as you do, you’ll know that he likes you at least a little bit.

7. Smiling and Laughing

Smiling when not talking and laughing at all of your jokes is the foundation of flirting. Encouraging jokes and engaging in conversation lets you know that you have someone interested in you.

The smiling indicates an attraction to you and the laughing reassures you that he wants the conversation to move further so that you can carry on getting to know each other and talking.

9. Touching

Touching is a definite sign of flirting and flirting is a definite sign that your date likes you. When laughing, he may touch your arm, when talking he may touch your hand. If your date is flirting with you and touching you occasionally, then you know it’s going well and that he is interested.

Try touching him back or moving the date on because chances are you’re doing well.

We hope that these little psychological tips can help you to get a step forward in your dating game and allow you to weed out the ones that just aren’t for you. We also hope that this will clue you into the people that are truly interested so you don’t end up disappointed or heartbroken.

Everyone knows that dating can be hard, but we hope that the psychology of non-verbal communication can open your eyes to the language that we may not notice all the time.



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