This list of the most fulfilling jobs may surprise you, yet, it is based on the results of psychological studies. Is your profession on the list?

Does your job make you leap out of bed every morning? Do you look forward to going to work and cannot wait to start the day? It’s true, we all have to work in order to make money so that we can support ourselves unless we have an illness or disability that prevents us from doing so. But only those having fulfilling jobs will say that money is not the be-all and end-all of working.

They will say that they get satisfaction from working as it enriches them somehow. They feel that they contribute to their industry and what they do is meaningful to them.

So you might be wondering which jobs are the most fulfilling and is yours one of them?

Here are the top ten of these jobs:

1. Clergymen and women

Having a vocation where your beliefs are paramount means that working with the clergy, according to the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, is the most fulfilling of all jobs. Perhaps it is not surprising, as being able to voice your passions every week and help others is probably why many people join this profession in the first place.

2. Engineers

You might wonder why an engineer is so fulfilled but they came top in six out of nine surveys for job satisfaction. Engineers use their creative side and take pleasure in seeing their constructions appear before their very eyes. They also have a lot of freedom to express themselves and can work autonomously and in a team.

3. Teachers

A huge amount of teachers are fulfilled with their jobs, according to many different surveys that have been carried out globally. Teaching is very rewarding and teachers can have a big impact on their students. Whether this is a lightbulb moment with individuals or the knowledge that you are having an impact on a larger scale.

4. Nurses and doctors

Coming in the top four in a range of surveys for job satisfaction, anyone working in healthcare, but particularly nurses and doctors feel much fulfilled when going about their daily tasks. This fulfillment is further enhanced if they are also paid well for their services.

5. Gardeners (outdoors workers)

Most workers who spend their working day outside in the fresh air say that they are fulfilled with their work. Whether they work in farming, forestry, fishing or landscaping gardens, there’s something about working alfresco that enlivens us and staves off depression, in fact, only 5.6% of outdoor workers are at risk of depression.

6. Construction worker – Maintenance Workers: Be Mr. (or Ms.) Fix-It

A similar job to an engineer, construction workers typically work outdoors and we know that is a good thing, plus they generally work in teams. These teams form strong bonds and good support networks. There is also an enormous sense of pride in building something from scratch and presenting it to a buyer.

7. Psychiatrists

This profession unsurprisingly scores highly on job satisfaction and fulfillment and practitioners say that it is also highly meaningful. Helping others can be very rewarding and you feel like you are making a real difference in people’s lives. Sometimes this difference could be life or death.

8. Midwives

Despite the long and irregular hours, midwives record one of the highest job fulfillment scores over multiple surveys. Perhaps bringing new lives into the world every other day has something to do with that!

9. Fire Fighters

In such a dangerous work environment you would not expect to see firefighters registering highly on job fulfillment scores. But look a little closer to what their job entails, often they are at the forefront of disasters and go where us normal human beings fear to tread.

They are our everyday heroes who save lives and put their own at risk. And we love and respect them for it.

10. Veterinarians

Veterinarians do not spend all of their days stroking sick puppies and kittens. That is what stopped me from training to be one. But with good rates of pay, a dedication to the job and the gratefulness of the pet’s owners makes this one of the most fulfilling jobs on our list.

So, did your profession make it onto our most fulfilling jobs list? Did any of the entries surprise you? Let us know in the comments section below.



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