Charisma is subjective. What is certain is that charismatic people have some qualities and habits in common and you can adopt them too!

You probably know someone who instantly lights up the room the minute they walk into it. It is hard to pinpoint how they work their magic. They seem to generate energy in people at the snap of their fingers and get them to agree with them instantly.

He or she has a secret quality – charisma. Everyone wants it. The good news is that anyone can develop it if he understands what makes a person charismatic, and what that person does to get others going.

What Is Charisma?

Charisma is hard to pinpoint. Everyone has a different definition of it. What most people agree on is who has it.

People recognize charismatic characters as having an undefined quality that somehow stands out. Though it is not easy to describe, it somehow gets people on their page. Without even trying, they have everyone wrapped around their little fingers.

Being like charismatic personalities is not as difficult as you may believe. You can develop their skills in connecting with others and influencing them at a deep, personal level.

What Makes a Person Charismatic?

Charisma is subjective. You may be charismatic to one individual, but not to another. What is certain is that charismatic people have some qualities in common.

First of all, people with charisma are confident. They like themselves, and that belief in themselves draws people to them. Their optimism and enthusiasm are infectious. They do not unload their woes unnecessarily.

Charismatic people have captivating stories to tell and relate them with humor and certainty. They use words like “I am sure” and draw laughs from audiences.

People who have charisma use welcoming and disarming body language. These people walk up to others, shake their hands with smiles and own a room when they walk into it.

11 Habits of Charismatic People

Charisma is not as elusive as it seems. Demystify it, and do what charismatic people do. You will get the results you want.

1. They are joyful.

For a start, charismatic personalities have a way of coping with the burdens that this world sometimes gives them – they exude joy. Whether they smile broadly or chortle outright, their happiness is infectious. For this reason, people just want to be around them.

2. They tell compelling stories.

Charismatic people are not afraid to share their experiences, joyful or not. Further, they can turn an unpleasant story into a pleasant one. They manage to get everyone in the room to laugh, however, traumatic it is. Their courage to share moves people.

3. They are confident.

People with charisma shake hands firmly. They look people in the eye and focus on the individuals in front of them. They also avoid starting uncomfortable conversations, and that would make others avoid them.

4. They have conviction.

Charismatic characters have firm beliefs and will talk about things that concern them deeply. They convey their passion for their favorite subjects to their listeners.

5. They listen actively.

Charismatics do not always make a conversation about themselves. They engage with the people around them and listen with full attention when others have something important to share. It draws people to them.

6. You can approach them easily.

Individuals who have charisma are approachable, a trait that stems from their ability to empathize with others. They may not agree with another person, but they will be respectful of their opinions.

7. They pay attention to detail.

Charismatic individuals observe everything around them. They redirect conversations according to the party’s mood. They do not hem or haw when speaking and are assertive.

8. Social criticism does not floor them.

Charismatics know that they cannot please everyone. They realize that controversy and criticism are inevitable, and develop a thick skin.

9. They take risks.

Charismatic people are not afraid of failure because they know that it is bound to happen at some point. They are not afraid to ask someone out on a date or shake an employer’s hand during a job interview. Their motto is “what’s the worst that could happen?”

10. They are active.

Charismatic people are active participants in community activities. Some people will be at the openings of school gyms and will not doze off in front of television cameras.

11. They are optimistic.

Charismatic characters never see a glass as half-empty. They are affirming when offering critical opinions. Their body language reflects how positive they are.

Charisma is not hard to emulate, but it does take skill and savvy.



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