Have you ever wondered what it might be like if you could connect with people much deeper and faster?

What life would be like if you could get to know people in half the time? You could surround yourself with a large number of close friends, and connect with people on a different level. It’s actually incredibly easy. Simply play a game.

The game that will help you connect with people on a deeper level follows five simple tasks.

Imagine yourself in a desert that spans as far as the horizon on all sides, but in this desert, there is a cube.

  1. First task: describe this cube. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. What does it look like? How big is it? What is it made out of? Where about is it in the desert? Is it floating? Is it on the floor? Now, you can see a ladder.
  2. Second task: describe the ladder. What is the ladder made out of? What is its size? Where is it, in relation to the cube? Now picture a horse.
  3. Third task: describe the horse. Where is it? What is it doing? Is it going somewhere? Now, there are flowers in the desert?
  4. Fourth task: describe the flowers. Are there a lot of flowers? Are they sparce? Where are they in relation to everything else in the scene? Finally, a storm comes to the desert.
  5. Final task: describe the storm. Is it a loud and violent storm? Is it close, or is it far away? Does it have an effect on anything else in the scene? Is it coming towards you or going away from you?

Ready for the big reveal?

The Cube:

The cube represents yourself.

Its size is presumably your ego, a large cube being a strong ego and a small cube being a lesser ego.

The placement of the cube shows how grounded you are. If the cube is flat on the ground, you are down to earth, but if it is floating then your head may be stuck in the clouds. If your cube is at an angle then you may be in the middle.

The material of the cure represents your openness. Transparency in the cube reflects transparency as a person, whereas opaque cubes may represent those who are more guarded of their thoughts and feelings.

If your cube glows, you are a positive person who has a lighting influence on others. If it is made of stone then you are much more resilient and slightly more protective.

The Ladder:

The ladder represents your friends.

  • If the ladder is close to the cube, then you feel as though your friends depend on you.
  • When the ladder is strong then you have close relationships.
  • If the ladder is frail or cast to one side, then you may not have as close friendships as you would like.
  • If the ladder leads to the inside of the cube, you may allow your friends to get very close to you and allow yourself to feel vulnerable around others.

The Horse:

The horse represents what you look for in a partner.

  • Some see a strong workhorse, representing someone stable and dependable.
  • Others see a unicorn, representing romance and fantasy in a potential partner.
  • If the horse is close to or interacting with the cube, you seek a close and intimate relationship.
  • If the horse is far away from the cube, then you may be reflecting insecurities that you have in relationships.

This can represent a current partner, or simply a desire.

The Flowers:

The flowers represent children.

  • The number of flowers represents how many children you picture yourself having.
  • If they are healthy and vibrant, you see a flourishing family.
  • Withered flowers may represent a lack of interest in flowers, or personal issues and insecurities surrounding children.

The Storm:

The storm represents the threat and speaks to your current mental state.

  • If you see a storm that is light, or far in the distance, you may have some issues going on that you find difficult or stressful.
  • If the storm is violent and nearby, then you have traumas occurring currently in your life that you are struggling with.

Final Thoughts:

This game that aims to help you connect with people is based on the fact that, when asked to describe a blank, abstract entity, your imagination will immediately project its own identity onto it. This allows us to seek out our subconscious thoughts of important aspects of our lives.

Although it is not 100% accurate, it’s interesting to see what people come up with. There can be all manner of combinations and events going on in other people’s deserts, and it can give you a greater insight into other people’s personalities, ambitions, and struggles.

So, if you seek to connect with people on a deeper level and are trying to get to know someone better, compare your deserts and talk about what you think these aspects may mean for them, and you.

H/T: https://oliveremberton.com/

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