5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Life Span, According to Science

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Looking to live forever or at least until 100? Life span seems to keep extending, but there are definitely ways to increase your odds of living a longer life. Here are five simple ways to have a long and healthy life. 1. Get Moving! Consistently exercising cannot only help you look good and lose weight, but it can actually slow down the physical progression of aging. It also takes a lot less effort than you might think.  Although high-intensity workouts are more beneficial, just simply

11 Secrets of Charismatic People That Make Them Irresistible

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Charisma is subjective. What is certain is that charismatic people have some qualities and habits in common and you can adopt them too! You probably know someone who instantly lights up the room the minute they walk into it. It is hard to pinpoint how they work their magic. They seem to generate energy in people at the snap of their fingers and get them to agree with them instantly. He or she has a secret quality - charisma. Everyone wants it. The good news