Are you one of those that prefer to have a single life?

So many of us live our lives believing that we are all meant to be with someone, that we will all inevitably find that special someone and settle down, even though some of us prefer the single life.

But what if some people are actually meant to be on their own? And what if that’s because they don’t enjoy all aspects of having a relationship?

These aspects are the ‘ugly bit’s that all couples go through, the difficult times, the disagreements, the dishonesty. They are also the elements that very few outsiders actually know about.

It’s because of these ‘ugly bits’ that some singletons just much prefer the single life. They aren’t looking for that someone, they are in fact very happy alone and feel much freer alone than they would if they were with someone.

Here are seven reasons why people prefer the single life:

1. You don’t need someone else to be happy

It may sound cliché, but it couldn’t be truer. You are the only one that can make you happy and for so many years before your relationship, you were happy.

You were alone, free and happy. Basically, one person cannot be the only reason you are happy, so enjoy being alone!

2. You can be with more than one person

It’s good to have a change and it’s also good to have a choice. Having a single life means you can have relationships with more than one person, without the other person becoming jealous or angry that you have another friend or even lover. It’s your life!

3. Singletons have better sex

It’s fairly obvious that single people would be having better sex, they may not be getting more of it, but it is likely to be better.

Too many couples fall into the sex rut, where sex becomes repetitive and sometimes even dull!

4. You don’t have to work as hard

Some relationships take work and all relationships take at least some effort. By choosing to be by yourself you get to only worry about yourself.

Instead of buying gifts or cooking a meal for your loved one, why not do it for yourself!

5. You get the whole bed

There is nothing quite like sleeping in a huge double bed alone! There’s no one to steal the covers in the night, no one to snore and no one to accommodate!

6. Relationship problems can affect the rest of your life

If you have a bad relationship it can be difficult to separate that from your everyday life. Your work life and friendships can often suffer as a result of your arguments and difficulties with your partner.

7. You can do whatever you want to do

Some people can get bogged down by a bad relationship. Being with someone who never wants to socialize or do anything can be difficult.

When you are single you are the only one you need to please – and you can make sure you pursue all of your passions and enjoy exactly as you want it.


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