How can you know that you have found your weirdo mate?

I’m weird, strange and odd, and guess what, I love it.

So, I spent my entire life looking for someone “normal” to balance out my weirdness. The thing is, I had it all wrong. Apparently, the best solution was to find someone whose strange outlook matched my own. And so, I changed my strategy, took a step back and waited.

Finding someone just as weird as I seemed impossible, but suddenly he just appeared, and it was magic. It’s difficult, for most people, to find the perfect mate. Think how much harder it is to find someone who’s oddball rivals your eccentric attitude.

Yeah, it’s daunting, to say the least, until it just happens, and you will know for sure when it does. So, how can you tell if you’ve found your weirdo twin? Well, here are a few loose suggestions.

1. That special oddball will never question your ability to be weird

You will be able to say anything and everything around this person without making them flinch. Why is that? Because your match from looney land will already have the same frame of mind, or at least similar. Sometimes they will be miles ahead on the crazy train and even keep you on your toes. How exciting!

2. When you find them, you will be able to let your guard down

They will be bold, right from the beginning, asking questions and exploring emotions that you keep sacred. It is important to allow them to explore you, and in turn, they will open up to you as well. At first, you may be uncomfortable, but the rewards will be sweet.

3. Your odd soulmate will be childlike and eccentric

If you thought you were immature, your perfect match may rival that characteristic. But that’s okay, being childlike doesn’t mean being irresponsible.

In fact, others will envy your real relationship and notice the perfection of your match. If you can handle someone much like yourself, then you are in for the ride of your life.

4. Sex with your weirdo will be nothing short of amazing! I kid you not!

The same intensity that’s obvious in day to day interactions will be the same intensity involved in intimacy. It will be lovemaking compared to no other before and will reveal why nothing was quite so satisfying.

5. Your mad lover will push you to pursue your dreams

They will reach deep within you, seeing the fire inside, and help you to keep that fire ablaze. You will have commonalities, as well, which will help drive one another toward true happiness in all things artistic and magical. Sounds whimsical, doesn’t it?

6. Your strange companion will feel like freedom

You will play together, making silly antics and insults, even talking for hours like in high school. It won’t matter how people stare or talk; all that will matter is that you are together and have finally found the missing piece to your puzzle…the hole in your heart…and the answer to your questions. Ah, just got carried away there.

7. Your weirdo may scare you a little

When pushing you to do the things you are afraid to do, they will make you mad sometimes too. You will get into arguments, but not like with incompatible people. These arguments will still be laced with passion and lead to exciting makeup time.

So, even though drama in relationships is frightening, your weirdo mate will help you get past any types of disagreements. Are these indicators intimidating?

I hope so! If you feel a rush of excitement passing through your body as you read about your perfect weirdo, then it’s time you go out and find them. As for me, I don’t want “normal”.

Normal has never pushed me to become something greater, Normal has never filled my heart and soul with butterflies. And finally, normal is just not who he is, and I am grateful for every strange moment in love.

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