What if I told you that it’s possible to ensure a positive outlook on a whole day with a few simple actions in the morning?

There’s nothing worse than waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

Of course, this is just an expression, but some days it does seem like things go wrong from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. It could be the lack of sleep, stress, or a bit of simply bad luck, but there are also strategies you can at least attempt to put the tone of that 24 hours under your control.

Read on for five ways to ensure a positive outlook on your day. Sure, Mama always told us there’d be days like this, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

1. Start With Meditation

Whether meditation is something you already incorporate here and there or it’s something that sounds far too “new age” to you, it’s not something to dismiss out of hand. Those who meditate on a regular basis will tell you time and time again about the many benefits of doing it daily, such as better sleep, more mindfulness, and less stress.

And, while a meditation at night is wonderful, there’s just something about starting the day with it. Not only does it ensure it won’t go by the wayside—like when your department decides at the last minute to go out for drinks after work—but it also cultivates a positive outlook and sets just the right tone for the day.

It helps you to name your intention for the day—such as loving yourself—and, while it might sound silly, there is definitely something to be said for sending positive vibes out into the universe.

There are some other—ahem, lesser-known benefits—like having more stamina in bed. Just saying. Have some extra time? Meditate in the great outdoors. What’s better than meditating on the beach or in the forest? Not much, let us tell you.

2. Eat Breakfast

Yes, yes, we know we sound like your mother but it truly is the most important meal of the day as, like meditation, it sets the tone. Skipping breakfast or eating junk food will leave you with little energy, which is the worst feeling, especially when you’re trying to get things done.

It also leaves you more susceptible to do refueling just to refuel, and you’re more likely to fall victim to a vending machine out of desperation. A balanced breakfast will help you hit the ground running, and that’s always good for a positive outlook.

3. Keep a Gratitude Journal

You might recall the interview between Oprah and Gwyneth Paltrow years ago when Gwyneth mentioned keeping one of these by her bedside. It’s as simple as writing down a few words, a sentence, or—if you have time—a paragraph about what you are grateful for.

Any time you begin to think you are living a wasted life, you can come back to this for a nice reminder. Many people do it as they go to bed but a great idea is to start your day with it, as it keeps you focused on what you have to be thankful for.

This will help you when you face the day’s inevitable bumps along the way.

4. Go Easy on Social Media

Every once in a while, it’s good to take a social media “cleanse” and get back to what’s important in life, especially if you’ve been feeling lost. But even if you’re still using social media, as many of us often do for work and social connections, it’s best to keep it to a minimum.

It’s far too easy to use it as a way to peek over the fence into other people’s lives. Of course, these people are putting the best versions of themselves on social media, but it often makes us assume others have it easy and our lives are “less than.”

Hop on here and there and enjoy it, but try not to get sucked down the proverbial rabbit hole.

5. Surround Yourself With Positive People

More and more studies keep popping up that show that the people we associate with have a huge impact on just about every area of our lives. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn even once said that we are the average of the five people we hang with the most.

That’s pretty powerful. Of course, we usually don’t have much control over our coworkers but, when we’re not working, it’s crucial that we surround ourselves with other people that maintain a positive outlook in the face of adversity.

And, while this can be challenging, it’s necessary to make a clean break from toxic people. We only get one life and it’s far too short to be associated with others who repeatedly bring us down.

It’s not always easy to maintain a positive outlook each day but, if you follow these tips, you’re more likely to be successful at it.

And remember you can always “act as if” when you’re not feeling it and, before you know it, feeling positive will become your way of life.

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