Do you suffer from neck pain? You should be more careful of your emotions!

If you are looking for ways to heal your neck pain, you will have to search deep inside of your emotions.

This is the opinion of Louise Hay who has written several books on emotional and spiritual healing powers. She claims that all kind of illness are starting with your emotional state and very often a cause of your condition is a lack of focus and negative thoughts.

The Key to Happiness Is in the Love We Give to Ourselves

In the book “You can heal your life” Louise outlines what are the causes and symptoms which can be healed with affirmation thoughts.

According to this theory, the key to true happiness, followed by excellent physical and mental health, is in love that you have to give to yourself. Once you start loving yourself all your wishes will naturally be in balance with your well-being.

You will feel that by wishing only the best for yourself you have your whole organism and thoughts in control. Our thoughts, according to Louise, have certain vibrations.

These vibrations attract different diseases. Further research of books by Louise Hay can give you a list of symptoms and their association with certain emotional conditions.

Each Emotion Causes Problems in Different Parts of Our Bodies

For example, the neck represents general flexibility.

It is giving us the possibility to see the world around us. If you are refusing to see another side of a medal, such as the point of view of another person then you are stubborn, inflexible and closed. These emotions are causing many conflicts with the world and people around us.

Such condition of our mental state directly reflects in our body as the pain and stiffness of the neck area. Another great example is nerves. They represent a symbol of communication.

If we are having problems with communication, this is reflecting our nerves, causing nervousness, fear, anxiety and other problems which can have a psychological and physical manifestation.

On the other hand, neuralgia represents punishment to yourself for something you feel guilty about.

This is again connected with communication problems. In this interesting list of symptoms caused by emotional misbalance, sciatica represents fear of money and not having enough.

It also includes the fear of the future. Another common condition of contemporary humans is slipped discs. This extremely painful condition is usually connected with excessive physical activity or injuries.

But in the book of Louise Hay, slipped discs represent the feeling of being unsupported. This again is closely related to the ability to communicate with people around us.

According to this list, communication seems to be one of the main problems and at the same time solutions for many health issues. This theory is supported by science.

Russian space scientist discovered that every emotion or thought is triggering the production of small chemical proteins which are called neuropeptides. Even American biologist Candace Pert started exploring this phenomenon during the 1970s. Our cells are producing hundreds of neuropeptides. Every one of them has a different function.

Further research led the scientists to the conclusion that every emotional state has its own unique frequency. This is how our body knows which neuropeptides to release as a response to our emotions.

Positive emotion will release beneficial neuropeptides. An excellent example is endorphins and oxytocin. Negative emotion will produce stress hormones which might help in a sudden dangerous situation but if produced for a longer period of time they become harmful.

Attitude, Self-Love and Neck Pain

It is important to realize that people can disagree on a subject and to continue to feel peace, harmony, and love for each other. Our attitude is causing many health issues. By learning to be more flexible and open-minded, you will start a great process which will lead you to a better emotional state.

Your neck pain or other issues you may be suffering from will start to decrease as the love for ourselves and people around us starts to grow.

Always remember that there is a solution for every conflict as long as you include your peaceful mind and goodness of the heart. So, if you have neck pain, be more flexible and open-minded!

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